Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Najmat Taiba- World's Largest Gold Ring

A marvelous and eye grabbing piece of gold has arrived in Dubai’s “Deira Gold Souk”, a premier destination for gold enthusiasts in the Middle East. The “Najmat Taiba”, or, Star of Taiba, pictured above, is the world’s largest gold ring. Weighing in close to that of the average person, this massive 150 pound “gold ring” is 21 karot gold and additionally plated with 11 pounds of precious stones.

The Times of India reports that the ring is worth a considerable amount. The Najmat Taiba’s owner claims that it cost $547,000 to make the ring back in 2000. However, with the dramatic and now record breaking increase in the price of gold, the Najmat’s worth has multiplied drastically.

“"While it cost $547,000 to make the ring in the year 2000, the current value is worth over $3 million. This is the world's biggest gold ring and we have displayed it on behalf of Taiba, the Saudi Arabian jewelry maker who made this unique piece in 2000 when the gold price was only $250 per ounce," Kanz Jewellers Managing Director Anil Dhanak said.”

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