Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Florida Pirates Treasure

Florida like many of the states is known to have a rich history and background. The state has seen many visitors and has carried many flags over time. Florida’s history is also known for some of the most feared figures in history who’s rich remains are still turning up to this day: Pirates.

Florida has seen some of the world’s most notorious pirates come across its lands and seas. Pictured above, the700 ton galleon “Santissima Concepcion” was sunk by a hurricane near Florida waters in 1683. The ship contained over 1,800,000 peso treasure (a majority of the treasure being silver bullions), divided over 100 treasure chests. Ships like the “Santissima Concepcion” and many more lay along with the treasures at the bottom of Florida Seas. More and more we hear stories of those divers, seamen, and the plain old lucky citizens who have found Florida Pirate Treasure and have cashed it in. Here are a few stories on just what kind of treasure can be found in the Florida oceans and how much they are worth:

In Florida’s Grassy Key, a chest contained $25,000 worth of Mexican gold was found. The Lower Matecumbe Key provided an even bigger reward, $70,000 was discovered in the key, and an additional 61 gold pieces were found sometime later by the key’s local fishermen. And just recently a south Florida diver off the Florida Keys has discovered a Spanish Gallen gold piece worth up to $250,000(http://cash4gold.blogspot.com/2011/03/florida-diver-discovers-gold-piece-from.html ). All in all Florida is still said to contain more buried treasures than any other state, with a 1964 value of all the buried treasure said to be around $165 million dollars. Though these estimates come and go, one thing is for certain, somewhere out there in the vast Florida oceans, there are still many treasures just waiting to be unearthed.

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