Friday, May 13, 2011

Gold Gadgets: The Amazon Golden Kindle

Golden gadgets have been making headlines for the past few years, including golden ipods and golden laptop products. More recently, the ipad and ipad2 have seen their own gold and luxurious updates, and now the Amazon Kindle joins the golden ranks.

Amosu Coutore, already recognized for releasing golden e-readers in the past (including their own golden ipads, iphones, and blackberry products), has now achieved its greatest golden creation, the 24-karot gold Amazon Kindle.

Amosu Coutore’s describes its product as follows;

‘Amosu Couture releases the first of its kind, plated in 24ct. hardened gold, Amosu Couture brings to the world of luxury the 24ct Gold Amazon Kindle. Amosu Couture now brings absolute elegance to one the most commonly used tablets in the world. With a gold matte finish and an obvious golden shine, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd.’

With its $1,200 dollar price tag, the gold Amazon Kindle know joins Amosu Coutore’s gold plated club as one of the most expensive tablets in the world. Amosu Coutore’s golden ipad is currently their most expensive product, at $2,7999 and their “GoldBerry Bold 9780’ is currently on sale for $1,250.

You can learn more about Amosu Coutore and their gold products at:

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