Monday, May 30, 2011

Historic Gold- Clasps from Tillya Tepe

Up next in historic gold is the Clasps from Tillya Tepe, dating back to 1 BC. The words

'Tillya Trepe" directly translates to "Golden Mound" or "Golden Hills" and are a reference to the famed archelogical site in modern day Afghanistan were the clasps were discovered.

The design of the clasps show that they were made for wear by a male, and a wealthy one at that. On the claps are two golden warriors, surrounded by a border of birds, beasts, and flowers.

The World Gold Council states:

"The influence of Greece (the tunic) and Persia or Assyria (the kilt-like skirt) seems apparent. Designed as a closure for a cloak, the pugilistic nature of the pieces might hint at bravery and

protection for the wearer."

This piece of historic gold is currently on display at the National Museum of Afghanistan.

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