Monday, May 9, 2011

Ipad 2…now in Gold.

The ipad has officially joined the ranks as one of the generations landmark products. Defining the new tablet movement, the iPad also marks another successful Apple product to bring forth a new wave of technological progress and trend. At a retail price of $499 however, not everyone can indulge in technologies latest and greatest hit. But when the iPad meets Gold luxury, the price, beauty, and aesthetics hit an entire new level.

In the past, many Apple products have been dipped in pure gold for purchase of the rich and famous. Now, with Apple’s newest flagship product, the iPad(currently on its second version release) gold companies are giving Apple’s new product a precious metal makeover.

Gresso’s African BlackWood, 18K Gold Ipad- Gresso, a design company based in Switzerland, has been manufacturing luxury communication devices since 2005 and also happens to be the manufacturer of the most expensive phone in the world. Gresso is now celebrating its joy for Apple products by designing a modified iPad incased in a 200 year old African Blackwood, combined with 18k gold. The African Blackwood used in the making of the Gresso iPad is an extremely sought after material, and just as no two trees are the same, each Golden Black Gresso iPad is completely unique. A price has yet to be set on this incredible iPad design.

24K Gold ipad2- The iPad2 has just graced the world as Apple’s newest products, and tech consumers are rushing to the stores to indulge in their latest purchase. London and Dubai based gold company “Gold and Co.” is producing a strictly limited version of the iPad2…plated in pure 24k gold. Gold and Co. will be limiting the gold iPad to 250 a year, and the privileged few who own one join a very luxurious circle of Gold and Co. product owners. The golden iPad’s Price? $6,495.

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