Friday, September 30, 2011

Camilla Belle Celebrates in Gold Gucci

Gold is synonymous with luxury. Whether it’s a gold bracelet, earrings, or some other fantastic piece of gold jewelry, gold has always represented glamour. So, leave it to Hollywood starlet and chic young lady Camilla Belle to bling out her outfit with a gold blouse to the Gucci museum opening. Also in attendance was fashionista extraordinaire, Poppy DeLevigne, outfitted in a slightly sheer and also sparkly pale gold dress.

What screams glam more than gold and Gucci?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Indulge in the Ultimate Muffin for $16

Reports surfaced that the government officials attending a past Justice Department conference bought $16 muffins, however the hotel that hosted the convention—Hilton Worldwide denied that was the case. The hotel said that the $16 covered an entire meal person, muffin, drinks, and tip. However—what if that wasn’t the case? A muffin is usually about a dollar when baked with fresh ingredients. So what could compensate for the additional $15 per muffin?

Even with all the organic and high end ingredients, the cost was still not anywhere near $16 a piece. So did some research on what would take them up in value. Apparently, to kick up the net worth of a muffin you need two decadent ingredients: alcohol and gold. At $192/dozen, the gold-topped muffins would each cost $16.

What do you think is more luxurious—to eat muffins that near $20/each, or to eat leaves of gold? The site even includes a recipe so those looking to adorn their food with gold jewelry can make them at home.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Models Love their Gold Jewelry

The latest issue of ELLE magazine features glam Victoria’s Secret models Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes styled in some of fashion’s best to bring sexy back to fashion. Miranda Kerr’s photos show her dripping in gold jewelry—such as several oversized chains (including a classic Chanel logo necklace) and dozens of gold bracelets. But why stop there? The gold chains continue to flow around her waist in a half-dozen strand chain belt. The jewelry ranges from designers such as Madison Avenue Couture and House of Lavande, Palm Beach among other retailers.

Kerr’s other shot for the editorial has her decked out in even more gold—huge vintage earrings and roped leather and chains that serve as a belt over her bikini. Her wrists are flanked with half a dozen charm bracelets. Kerr certainly knows how to bring back the bling!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Solid Gold Phone Costs Over 40 Thousand Euro

For those who truly appreciate the finer things in life, we’ve found the cell phone perfect for the gold-obsessed. When gold rings and bracelets aren’t enough to adorn your hands, check out the Aesir phone from Denmark that is outfitted in18K gold. Interestingly, the blinged out phone offers little-to-no functionality, lacking Internet access, a camera, a GPS, or games. It’s a phone that is a throwback to the traditional functions of calling and texting. That’s about all that’s traditional about it.

Why the limited use? Creator Yeves Behar shares that the phone is not a toy. It’s a collector’s item, and is therefore targeted to spenders in Moscow, Russia. The solid gold phone is truly a decadent purchase for the millionaire who has everything.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Your Own Kardashian Gold Coin

In the continued obsession with all things Kardashian, gold coin company has decided to create a commemorative coin honoring the August 20th wedding of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries. The 24-karat gold coin will feature the date, the names of the couple, an image of the couple, and a graphic of her ring. It’s estimated that a 1-ounce coin will cost about $2200 a piece for adoring fans.

Playing off the trend that Hollywood romances cease to last long, the coin is also emblazoned with the phrase “Together Forever: Only Time Will Tell.”

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are Gold Teeth Justin Bieber’s Next Style Move?

Justin Bieber, protégé to R&B superstar Usher is now taking a step in the direction of the hip hop icons he has credited as his inspiration by getting a gold grill commissioned. Ben Baller, a well-known grill maker in the celebrity community, has been given the responsibility of putting the masterpiece together.

Bieber has assured his fans that the gold jewelry for his mouth is removable. Sean Kingston was on hand getting a custom grill made as well. What do you think? Is gold on your teeth just simply too much?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Countries with the Largest Gold Reserves

For as long as many people can remember, gold has been a sought-after commodity. Dating as far back as King Tut and ancient civilizations, the sparkle of the famous bullion has always been seen as an icon of luxury and wealth. Today, the top 10 countries withholding the most gold are (in tons):

The United States- 8,133.50

Germany- 3,401.00

International Monetary Fund- 2,846.70

Italy- 2,451.80

France- 2,435.40

China- 1,054.10

Switzerland- 1,040.10

Russia- 775.20

Japan- 765.20

Netherlands- 615.50

Gold is a commodity that fluctuates frequently in value. If you are looking to sell your gold to a reputable purchaser, check out our website for additional information!