Friday, February 29, 2008

The FREE Refiners Return Pack – Turns your gold jewelry to cash, guaranteed!

Cash4Gold makes it easy for you to turn your unwanted gold jewelry to cash in less then 24 hours. This convenient online service centers around a very special gold refiners return pack, also known as “the gold kit”.

This is how our refiners return pack works:

  1. You log on to
  2. Click on the link to request your FREE Refiners Return Pack
  3. Fill out the simple form.
  4. Wait for your FREE Refiners Return Pack (gold kit) to come in the mail the next day.
  5. Put all of your unwanted gold jewelry into the secure 6m plastic shipping back.
  6. Then put the plastic bag with your unwanted gold jewelry into the insured return pack.
  7. Send back to
  8. Wait for your check in less then 24 hours.

There is one more exclusive feature that we did not mention but that it is available to all of our customers. That exclusive feature is our guarantee to pay you 5% more for your unwanted gold jewelry then any of our competitors. This guarantee is only available with our authentic gold kit also known as the FREE Refiners Return Pack.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scrap or Broken, Worth Its Weight In Gold

Did you ever wonder what doesn't loose value even after it is broken or discarded as scrap? The answer is scrap gold and broken gold. It is funny to think that a beautifully designed gold charm, gold bracelet, or gold necklace with missing links, broken clasps or tarnished settings all retain their value even with their problems. The reason is because scrap or broken gold is worth its weight as valued by the current economy or market. Gold refiners are the largest buyers of gold in today's market. There is no short of broken or scrap gold in all our possessions.

It is important to know that selling your gold to a refiner is simple and easy. The hard part is finding your scrap gold or broken gold to sell to a refiner. Once you do find your broken gold, all you have to do is log online to and request your free gold kit. Simply drop your gold in the insured shipping container and in less then 24 hours your will have cash for your unwanted scrap gold and broken gold. Scrap Gold and Broken Gold has never been worth so much!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to sell gold with out hassle?

There are many reasons to sell your unwanted or broken gold for instant cash, but there may be more reasons why you don't want to go through the hassles. Selling gold is typically done by driving around to pawn shops or jewelry exchanges, and then bargaining for better payouts from each vendors. Pawn shops usually pay less because they want to sell gold for less to their retail customers. Jewelry exchanges typically don't pay enough for gold because they have so much in stock that they don't really need the extra inventory.

There is a place that you can go to that is more convenient then either a pawn shop or jewelry exchange to sell your gold. That place is on the Internet. Gold refiners and gold brokers have made it easy to sell your gold. The first step is to request your FREE insured gold kit. Once you receive your gold kit, you simply drop your gold in the package and send it to a vendor that will pay you cash equal to the actually current market value.
If you have gold to sell, it is suggested that you visit Cash4Gold and request your Free gold refiners kit. There is no cost obligation. Make selling your gold hassle free and visit

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Melting Gold Can Be Helpful to your Health?

Melting Gold can be beneficial to your health because it can help to relieve your stress when your melted gold becomes instant cash. Today, gold is at an all time high and with the value of the U.S. dollar falling, some people think that melting gold through a certified gold refiner is the best way to get instant cash to pay off debt. We all have unwanted gold either from broken marriages or because some gold jewelry designs have become out dated. Why not turn that unwanted gold in to melted gold for a fare market value from a certified gold refiner?

Gold has held its value through time because it is one of our worlds most precious metals. When that gold is turned into cash, a person can sleep good at night knowing that his or her debts have been paid off from their unwanted gold that has been collecting dust for years.

Consider melting your gold for cash and request a FREE Refiner Pak from to start digging out of debt, and start burring your stress for a healthy standard of living..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cash for Gold

Lets face it, our economy is at the leading edge of a recession. Reports show that rate of foreclosed homes had surged in 2007 to a margins higher then it has been in the last decade. Families are struggling to pay their debts. But where can the average family get the extra cash to catch up on mortgage payments without selling their souls? The answer is to sell their unwanted gold jewelry for cash.

Cash for your gold is a way to get instant money to pay-off debt that could save your home, car, or other necessities. Most families own gold that has been either handed down from family, given to them as gifts, or bought when times were good. But now reality sets in and the gold that we own and the gold that has been hidden in your closet for years can be turned into instant cash.

Turning your unwanted cash for gold is a very simple process. Your gold is sent (via insured shipping) to a gold refiner who calculates the value of the gold based the current value of gold in our economy.

Say good bye to your debt, and request a FREE Refiners Return Pak from and start your road to instant cash for gold.