Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to sell gold with out hassle?

There are many reasons to sell your unwanted or broken gold for instant cash, but there may be more reasons why you don't want to go through the hassles. Selling gold is typically done by driving around to pawn shops or jewelry exchanges, and then bargaining for better payouts from each vendors. Pawn shops usually pay less because they want to sell gold for less to their retail customers. Jewelry exchanges typically don't pay enough for gold because they have so much in stock that they don't really need the extra inventory.

There is a place that you can go to that is more convenient then either a pawn shop or jewelry exchange to sell your gold. That place is on the Internet. Gold refiners and gold brokers have made it easy to sell your gold. The first step is to request your FREE insured gold kit. Once you receive your gold kit, you simply drop your gold in the package and send it to a vendor that will pay you cash equal to the actually current market value.
If you have gold to sell, it is suggested that you visit Cash4Gold and request your Free gold refiners kit. There is no cost obligation. Make selling your gold hassle free and visit

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