Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cash4Gold Becoming Better Known - Paying Cash for Old or Broken Gold

The Tampa Tribune ran an article this week, “For Sellers, Cash is Good as Gold” and cited Cash4Gold.

Jewelry stores have recently become buyers of jewelry rather than sellers of the metal. Many jewelers are now making the majority of their profit from people selling their old or broken gold.

The recycling old or broken gold became a trend midyear for jewelry stores, with many holding gold parties. For many people that are living paycheck to paycheck, selling gold and getting cash for the gold is a hot commodity, particularly in economically distressed areas.

Online business has increased dramatically for Cash4Gold President, Howard Moshfin claims, “It might have something to do with the economy, or it might be based on our brand name becoming better known”.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Gold Coin - Sold for Limited Time - Gold Worth Cash

The New York Times ran an article this week entitled “Century Later, Gold Coin Reflects Sculptor’s Vision.

On Monday, the U.S. Mint released a new edition of the Double Eagle gold coins.

The $20 gold coins have been produced for over a century, with the first coin being converted in 1907. The new coin is based on the first 1907 coin that was designed by an American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Saint-Gaudens was a friend of Teddy Roosevelt and was commissioned to design the coin.

The original Double Eagle coin design has a picture representing Liberty on the obverse with her torch raised and flowing hair with the Capitol dome behind her. The reverse of the coin shows an eagle flying into the sun. In 1908, Congress mandated that “In God We Trust” be added to the coins.

The coins are formed from 60 tons of pressure converting blank gold discs into “ultra-high-relief” coins at the U.S. Mint. The 1907 coins are highly rare and valuable. The Double Eagle is considered the most beautiful of the American coinage.

The new coins contain one ounce of 24-karat gold. They will be sold for only one year.

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Gold Production Should Increase Amount of Cash for Gold

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Harmony Gold Mining Co., the third-largest miner of gold in Africa, has planned to raise production of gold.

It was announced at the company’s shareholders meeting in Johannesburg that due to increasing gold prices, Harmony is looking to take a bullish stance on mining. CEO Graham Briggs stated that, “We need to produce more gold to benefit from higher prices”.

October 15th resulted in gold prices of 9,017 rand after a six-year low against the U.S. dollar. Harmony rose 8 rand or 12% to 74.50 rand in Johannesburg. The company has increased 7.3% this year, resulting in Harmony becoming the strongest performer of the seven large mining companies.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cash for Gold to Increase? commented this week on the price of gold and the anticipation of gold prices increasing.

It is expected that gold will see the $780-810 range. Gold investors are hoping to see gold stabilize at that rate for long-term growth.

On Friday, gold reached $800.

As the fiscal stimulus continues, inflation has little room to go lower. Quoting the research house GFMS Ltd, “Dollar demand for gold reached an all-time quarterly record of $32 billion US in the third quarter of 2008. Tonnage demand was also 18% higher than a year earlier.”

Investment demand contributed most greatly to overall demand for the quarter, including gold ETFS, bars and coins. Retail demand for gold rose 121% with bar and coin buying in Swiss, German and US markets. France became an investor in gold for the first time in almost thirty years.

Gold jewelry demand surged as the Indian wedding season approaches (India is the largest gold jewelry consumer in the world).

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

GATA Questions Gold and Cash Reserves

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) has run an advertisement in Roll Call that is an Open Letter to Senate and House Banking Committee Members.

Highlights of the article include:
  • GATA believes that the gold market is being “recklessly manipulated and now poses a serious risk to the international financial system”.
  • Annual gold demand, currently at record levels, exceeds mine and scrap gold supply by more than 1500 tons.
  • With demand outweighing supply, the price of gold should be rising steadily.
  • According to the Office of the Controller of the Currency, the notional value of the off-balance-sheet gold derivatives on the books of U.S. commercial banks exceeds $87 billion – which is greater than reserves by over 8000 tons.
  • Too much gold is being consumed at too cheap a price, which could threaten the economic crisis further.

Find more information at

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycle Gold - Get Cash 4 Gold

We found this blog posting at that gives 10 Facts about Gold Recycling that are pretty dead-on.

More people have become interested in selling gold and earning extra cash.

The 10 Reasons to Recycle Gold:

  1. Gold teeth and dental scrap can be worth from $5-$20.
  2. You can find gold items in the garbage including old computers, cell phones, and music players.
  3. An online gold broker (like Cash4Gold!) can be the safest choice to recycle due to insurance and free appraisals.
  4. Household electronics like TV sets and stereos can contain gold.
  5. It is possible to get more gold per ton from old cell phones than from ore!
  6. Broken gold is a versatile and profitable angle.
  7. 1/3 of annual gold usage is from recycled gold.
  8. Gold recycling is environmental friendly.
  9. Even trace amounts of gold have significant value.
  10. Gold recycling is easy!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning Cash to Gold, Gold to Green

Fox 4 News in Kansas City aired a piece last week that is among many pieces in media attention. The focus? Turning cash to gold.

Entitled “Turn Gold to Green”, reporter Kim Byrnes interviewed customers interested in getting cash for their gold. Money for the holidays and a mother planning for her son’s wedding were cited as reasons for those parting with their old gold and broken jewelry.

A woman that was shooting for $100 for her jewelry, ended up scoring $153. Click here to watch the story.

Those selling their gold jewelry should be acquainted with the quality of their gold before making assumptions of payment. 10 karat gold is only 42% gold; 14 karat gold is 58% gold; and 18 karat gold is 75% gold.

There has been a significant upturn in those selling their gold as consumers are being far more careful about their spending.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Iran Trading Cash for Gold?

The Associated Press announced late last week that Iranian newspapers are stating that Iran is converting reserves into gold.

The newspapers are quoting Mojtaba Hasemi Samareh, who is the top advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Saying that the decision to buy gold was executed at the order of Ahmadinejad.

Iran reportedly has $120 billion in reserves. It is unknown how much of the reserves has been converted to gold.

Roughly 80% of Iran’s foreign revenue comes from oil. The decision to buy gold follows recent, dramatic drops in oil prices.

The economy is volatile – but gold is always solid. Gold prices are at record highs – sell your old or broken gold for cash today! Visit Cash4Gold to see the prices we pay and how to get Cash for your gold!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cash4Gold - Lower Gold Production to Drive Gold Price Up?

It was reported last week that there is trouble with Zimbabwean Gold Mines that could affect worldwide supply levels.

The Zimbabwe central bank has taken delivery of gold – for up to two years - but has not paid the mines for the gold. Many mines are now unable to pay workers, due to back payments owed. Zimbabwe’s largest exports are gold and tobacco, and in the past, Zimbabwe was the 3rd largest African producer of gold.

Zimbabwe now faces an inflation rate of 231 million percent and cannot afford many necessities. Continued gold exploration has ceased, because of flooding and inadequate funds to repair the mines. It is predicted that Zimbabwe will only produce roughly half the amount of gold compared to last year.

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Jill H

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gold Historically Delivers Cash

GMA Network reported this week that there was a gold earring that is over 2,000 years old that was discovered in Jerusalem.

Evidently, The Israel Antiquities Authority has confirmed the validity of the gold earring, which was found beneath a parking lot. The earring is inlaid with pearls and emeralds, and is estimated to have been created around the time of Christ between 1st century B.C. and 4th century A.D.

The earring was found as ruins were being excavated from an ancient building that dated back to 5th century A.D. in the Byzantine period.

The Israel Antiquities Authority issued a statement calling the earring an “astonishingly well-preserved piece” that was crafted using techniques much like that from the Roman-era in Egypt.

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- K Harrison, South Carolina

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gold's Consistency to Be Discussed This Weekend...

This Saturday, November 15th, leaders of the top 20 economic nations will be meeting in Washington at the invitation of President Bush. The core mission of the meeting will be identifying the problems occurring worldwide as a lack of faith in paper money has troubled many nations.

Gold will be discussed at the meeting and its ultimate role in the solution. There will be corrective measures discussed at the meeting in order to “deleverage” that include cash solutions and the slashing of interest rates.

The G-20 will be challenged with restoring faith in paper money and the possibility of a new international currency that is, at least, partially backed by gold.

Currently, gold has been the only consistency in a very inconsistent market. As gold prices rise, the prices we pay for your old and broken jewelry goes up as well!

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A little less then two weeks I received a check. It was tripled what I expected it to be, I was surprised and thrilled. I would recommend Cash4Gold to everyone.

I'm off to the mall for a semi-shopping spree!!!


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gold Prices to Strengthen in Cash Value

The Economic Times has reported that gold may outperform oil as the recession deepens. Gold prices have not fallen as sharply as oil and other commodities, and it is expected that bullion will strengthen as the economy worsens and investment firms are forced to sell gold bullion assets.

Gold bullion dropped 16% in October due to “fund deleveraging”. However, now gold is rising again due to its economic strength in remaining a save haven against inflation.

The article also mentioned that investors are recommending “long gold” v. “short oil”, due to the fact that oil is produced for consumption and gold accumulates over time and is not tied to paper assets. Gold is also rising against other metals like copper and nickel.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gold v Dollar - Sell to Cash4Gold

Last week, the Chicago Tribune ran an article entitled “Dollar: Good as gold?”. The article explained that until April 15, 1971, the U.S. dollar was “as good as gold”. Gold had been banned for private ownership in the U.S. – with few exceptions – from 1933 to 1971.

In 1971, gold again became legal for possession by U.S. citizens as world currencies began to operate on floating market rates.

In the late 1970s, people started measuring the “money supply” with inflation. The dollar began to have its worth determined by commodities like gold and oil, hence the “gold as a hedge against inflation” status that investors have taken for the past thirty-five years. This has been evidenced in recent months as the dollar has fallen and gold has risen.

With the struggling economy, gold has again become an investor’s safe haven and as a result, gold prices have soared. At Cash4Gold we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We received the following review from one of our customers last month:

Dear Cash4Gold:

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Thanks again

~Melissa S., Iowa

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Gold Prices Up - Cash4Gold Report

Gold prices have been pretty volatile for the past few weeks as the economy’s downward spiral has made investors nervous. However, today, November 7th, we have seen gold futures on the rise. The U.S. dollar fell against the euro and the pound and gold’s appeal strengthened as a hedge against inflation.

Marketwatch reported that gold for December rose $5 an ounce to $737.20 an ounce in early trading.

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- Gordon
Meansville, GA

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Gold Predictions at $1,000 an Ounce: Sell Your Gold as Prices are High

Another prediction has surfaced of gold reaching $1,000 an ounce in the near future.

Toronto-based Goldcorp, Inc.’s (TSX: G) CEO Kevin McArthur has claims that “We continue to believe gold’s status as a safe haven in times of global uncertainty is real.” McArthur has stressed that this is a long-term view, yet they predict “we will be seeing a four-digit gold price in the not-too-distant future.”

Barrick Gold Corp’s President has also stressed that he believes gold prices are on the rise.

The most recent high for gold prices was at $1,032 per ounce in March. Friday, October 31st, gold was priced at $723.70 per ounce.

Goldcorp claimed profit up $75.8 million this year, above predictions of Thomson Financial. Importantly, Goldcorp remains debt-free and holds over $450 million in cash and equivalents.

The company claims that production in Mexican and Canadian mining operations have increased and are highly profitable. McArthur has stated that he looks forward to “continued improvements moving forward”.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indian Gold Sees 125% rise in Cash for Gold...

Indian jewelers are surprisingly upbeat this year, as gold sales have seen an increase of 125% during the festive season of Diwali, compared to last year at this time.

According to, Mumbai Jewelers are looking forward to positive sales during the actual Diwali week.

According to the Chairman of The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation, Ashok Minawala, international gold bullion lost 17% in October - “its biggest decline since February 1983”. He went on to add “gold has offered double digit returns in the current decade when all other asset classes are turning into the red”.

There was an initial 47% decline in gold business in the first 6 months of the year, but with the recent surge, deficits have already been compensated. It is estimated that 60 tons of gold have been sold in the last 25 days.

The physical shortage of gold bullion has happened worldwide, as financial institutions are forced to sell the physical gold in order to back the paper they hold.

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