Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycle Gold - Get Cash 4 Gold

We found this blog posting at that gives 10 Facts about Gold Recycling that are pretty dead-on.

More people have become interested in selling gold and earning extra cash.

The 10 Reasons to Recycle Gold:

  1. Gold teeth and dental scrap can be worth from $5-$20.
  2. You can find gold items in the garbage including old computers, cell phones, and music players.
  3. An online gold broker (like Cash4Gold!) can be the safest choice to recycle due to insurance and free appraisals.
  4. Household electronics like TV sets and stereos can contain gold.
  5. It is possible to get more gold per ton from old cell phones than from ore!
  6. Broken gold is a versatile and profitable angle.
  7. 1/3 of annual gold usage is from recycled gold.
  8. Gold recycling is environmental friendly.
  9. Even trace amounts of gold have significant value.
  10. Gold recycling is easy!

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