Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gold's Consistency to Be Discussed This Weekend...

This Saturday, November 15th, leaders of the top 20 economic nations will be meeting in Washington at the invitation of President Bush. The core mission of the meeting will be identifying the problems occurring worldwide as a lack of faith in paper money has troubled many nations.

Gold will be discussed at the meeting and its ultimate role in the solution. There will be corrective measures discussed at the meeting in order to “deleverage” that include cash solutions and the slashing of interest rates.

The G-20 will be challenged with restoring faith in paper money and the possibility of a new international currency that is, at least, partially backed by gold.

Currently, gold has been the only consistency in a very inconsistent market. As gold prices rise, the prices we pay for your old and broken jewelry goes up as well!

Dear Cash4Gold:
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A little less then two weeks I received a check. It was tripled what I expected it to be, I was surprised and thrilled. I would recommend Cash4Gold to everyone.

I'm off to the mall for a semi-shopping spree!!!


- Lisa

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