Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World Cup Doubles in Value

The World Cup, one of the premier sporting events in the world, will kick-off in South Africa next month. Soccer fans all the world over are gearing up to cheer on their teams and follow the month-long action.

The top team in the world will raise the 18 karat gold World Cup trophy in victory. The melt value of the trophy, which refers to the actual amount of precious metal it contains, has doubled since he last World Cup. The following press release was sent out in the UK by Cash4Gold this week.

World Cup Doubles in Value
Surging gold price means World Cup Trophy now worth more than £126,000

LONDON, 24 May 2010: Football fans across the world are counting down until the start of the game’s most exciting tournament. And for the teams playing in next month’s FIFA World Cup there is now even more at stake. For today Cash4Gold, the world’s number 1 gold buyer direct from the public, can reveal that the World Cup trophy has almost doubled in value since the last World Cup. The unprecedented rise in the price of gold has meant that the melt value of the coveted 18-carat gold trophy has gone from a cool £65,000 to an astonishing £126,500 since 2006.

The price of gold keeps hitting new heights and reached a record high of $1,250 an ounce on Friday. Some industry experts believe that rising inflation will push it higher so the trophy may be worth even more by the 11 July when it is held aloft by the winning team.

The FIFA World Cup trophy was commissioned for the 1974 tournament and designed by Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga. It is made of solid 18-carat gold and was valued at £17,000 when it was created.
Whilst England may not be the favourite to win the tournament, Wayne Rooney must surely be in with a good chance of scooping the World Cup Golden Boot award

“Football trophies are obviously of more than monetary worth to fans and teams”, said Jeff Aronson, CEO and Founder of Cash4Gold. “And FIFA would probably have something to say if Fabio Capelllo sent in the trophy to Cash4Gold should England win! But for everyone else, Cash4Gold is a safe and easy option for those looking to turn any unwanted or broken gold, silver, or platinum items into cash.”

Melt value is the amount of actual precious metal contained in an item that can be extracted and recycled by a company such as Cash4Gold, and does not account for decorative, artistic or historic value.

About Cash4Gold

Now open for business in the U.K., Cash4Gold is already well-established as the world’s No. 1 buyer of precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum, from the general public. Through an efficient and proprietary process, the company has revolutionised the mail-in, gold-buying business that it pioneered. Cash4Gold has served over 900,000 customers since its inception, paying out millions of pounds for their broken or unwanted items. From its base of operations in Sheffield, a city with a rich history in metal-working, Cash4Gold effectively provides its fast, secure, convenient and discreet services to customers all across the United Kingdom. Visit Cash4Gold’s website at www.cash4gold.com or call 0800 064 GOLD (4653).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cash4Gold Vending

Cash4Gold always follows the latest gold-related news, and here is one item that recently caught our eye:

The Emirates Palace Hotel, a leading hotel in Abu Dhabi, is a place already known for its opulence and grand luxury. Last week the hotel introduced a “bling machine” of epic proportions—a gold dispensing ATM.

The device monitors the fluctuating daily gold price and customers purchase items according to that price. The machine offers bars of up to 10 grams of pure gold as well as customized coins.

And if that is not amazing enough, the actual casing of this glorified vending machine is covered with a thin layer of gold.

Check out a photo of the machine below...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cash4Gold Boat Speeds to Podium Finish

Sporting a bold Cash4Gold logo on its side, RCL Sports’ Grand Prix West hydroplane finished third last week in a major race. Spectators and boat racing fans had to look closely as the super-charged vessels SPED past—the boats competing were some of the fastest piston-engine boats in hydroplane racing.

Cahs4Gold has been a proud supporter of RCL Motorsports since it announced its sponsorship earlier this year.

Fans of hydroplane racing are encouraged to request a free Refiner’s Return Pak from Cash4Gold by visiting www.Cash4Gold.com/hydro99 or by calling 1-800-713-6135.

Check out a photo of the boat below!:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cash4Gold Mentioned on Leading British TV Show

Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe was recently interviewed on the UK talk show, “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross,” which airs on BBC1.

During the interview, Crowe presented show host Jonathan Ross with a silver arrow as a gift. To peals of laughter from the audience, Ross immediately asked Crowe if he had a Cash4Gold envelope.

This is just the latest pop culture mention of Cash4Gold and its mail-in gold buying service. Cash4Gold has been mentioned repeatedly in the U.S. on TV shows ranging from The Colbert Report to The Daily Show to The Tonight Show.

Since launching in the UK last year, Cash4Gold has also become a pop culture phenomenon there. Cash4Gold also launched in Canada, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands in 2009.

The video can be seen below or on Cash4Gold’s official Facebook page. Also, for the latest Cash4Gold news, be sure to follow the company on Twitter.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cash4Gold Attends American Red Cross South Florida Region Gala

Cash4Gold was proud to attend the recent Red Cross dinner billed as a Salute to the Troops and Humanitarian of the Year.

Cash4Gold was among a handful of local companies whose contributions made the event possible. Cash4Gold’s “Thank a Veteran” sponsorship enabled three members of the U.S. military and their wives to join the four Cash4Gold team members who attended.

Seated all together at a table underwritten by Cash4Gold, the team members conveyed their deep appreciation to the soldiers and their wives for their service and commitment to this country.

Cash4Gold has been a staunch supporter of both the Red Cross and the U.S. armed forces, donating at various times during the past years in order to support the tremendous humanitarian work that they each carry out, often in partnership together.

Visit www.cash4Goldcharity.com to learn more about Cash4Gold’s commitment to charitable giving.

Below is a photo from the event (Cash4Gold team members joined by soldiers and their wives).