Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Postal Worker Tries to Sell Stolen Gold...

A Detroit-area postal clerk was accused of attempting to sell stolen gold to a pawnshop right before Christmas.

The AP reported that the postal clerk had attempted to sell the stolen gold back to a pawnshop that had initially mailed the package. The package was mailed by G&S Pawn Shop from Mount Clemens to Ann Arbor. The package contained melted-down gold, gold dust and gold filings. The following day, the postal worker attempted to sell the gold back to the pawnshop’s owner, who identified the stolen gold as the mailed gold from G&S.

The postal worker has been released on a $10,000 bond and has been placed on unpaid leave by the USPS.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Gold Found in Jerusalem...

CNN recently reported that a group of Israeli archaeologists have recently found rare gold coins in Israel.

The 264 gold coins were discovered by a British archaeological volunteer on a dig in Jerusalem National Park. The coins have been taken over by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The volunteer will not be allowed to take he findings out of the country.

The ‘hoard of gold coins’ are from the 7th century Byzantine period and are 1,400 years old. The collection is described as “one of the largest and most impressive coin hoards ever discovered in Jerusalem”, by those directing the excavation. The coins were discovered in a collapsed building in the Giv’ati car park in the City of David below walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is believed that the coins were hidden in the walls of the building, and when the building collapsed, the coins were piled and mixed with debris. The coins bear likeness to Byzantine emperor, Hercalius. The excavation is in its early stages at this time….Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Gold Topped Currencies in 2008

It was reported last week that “Gold Topped All Currencies in 2008”.

The Federal Reserve has made inflation on the rise with the lowest Fed funds rate ever in the US. Fears of hyperinflation are rampant.

This instability is indicative of higher gold prices in the long term as investors seek gold as a safe haven. Gold is 15% lower than the March 2008 high, but has surged 60% in the past 7 months. Gold remains higher than all major currencies, including the US dollar and is one of few asset classes to have increased in 2008…..

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Investors Looking to Cash in on Gold Security

Last week, Reuters completed an article entitled “Nervy investors spur rush at Swiss gold refiners”.

Apparently, the Swiss refineries cannot work fast enough to meet the demand from the nervous rich who are ordering gold and gold bullion bars, switching their assets into something that is holding value.

Switzerland has some of the largest refineries around the world, and
production is at 30 year highs with demand outweighing production. It is widely assumed that the weaker dollar will send gold’s price higher. The current wait time for gold bars is a month and six to eight weeks for coins or ingots.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Donated Gold to Be Converted to Cash for Salvation Army

It has been reported by the Salvation Army that, despite the current economic crisis, the Salvation Army kettles are turning up gold coins and bars as usual.

In Des Moines, IA, gold coins were found, including a South African Krugerrand, a gold bullion coin worth nearly $860 each, and three 1/10 ounce American Gold Eagle coins, worth about $85 each.

Livingston, Michigan is also reporting that their Salvation Army kettles have turned up gold. Two 1-ounce gold bars wrapped in $100 bills was found in a kettle in Genoa Township, donated by a couple named Frank and Pam Wittman, who have donated gold for four consecutive years, along with dog cookies for the trained dogs that sit with the kettle.

Gold coins and gold bars that are donated to the Salvation Army kettles are sold at the end of the campaign and the cash for the gold is used to continue the charity’s goodwill efforts. Each year, it is common for the gold coins and bars to be donated. The Salvation Army has stated that people know the value of the gold – they are just expressing generosity. The campaign runs through Christmas Eve.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Gold Company to Get Cash for New Gold Project

Arctic Oil & Gas Corp. has announced that the Company’s precious metals division is securing ore reserves on its Alaska gold projects.

The company has mining plans in place for the summer of 2009. The financing will be done privately, through qualified partners. The company is creating a new gold asset security that will backed by in-ground gold reserves.

This method of securing long-term future supply of gold bullion has lower acquisition costs than that of gold sold through commodities exchanges. This new method lowers delivery risk as an investment. Currently, unlimited new dollars are being created and hedge funds and banking industries are in volatile states. Deliveries are expected as early as June of 2009 on he project.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cash4Gold Looks Toward 2009: Get Cash for Gold in the New Year

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long-Term Gold Outlook Good for Cash4Gold...

The Economic Advisor published a blog posting this week entitled “The Obama Stimulus – Will Cause Inflation and Gold to Soar – The AMP 2009 Predictions”

The publication predicts that a “tidal wave of money will lead to a tidal wave carrying inflation and gold to new heights”. So far, the bailout package has failed to promote bank lending yet. The economy has seen delayed expansion and employment cuts, the stock market is bottoming out and the auto industry is looking for financial aid. The Apprentice Millionaire Program has made a list of predictions they expect to see within the next year:

  1. The stimulus package will be at least $500 billion.
  2. The Federal Reserve will “force” banks to lend more aggressively to consumers and businesses.
  3. There will be a general optimism that will lift the economy.
  4. Lower mortgage rates will ease foreclosures and lift home sales.
  5. The housing market will turn around and ease inflation rates.

  1. Inflation will emerge and we will return to $75 oil.
  2. House prices will elevate to the point where mortgage rates halt housing expansion.
  3. The stock market will rally when the housing market looks up.
  4. As inflation rises, gold will rise to surpass the old high of $1000.
  5. Commodities, particularly gold and oil will lead the stock market recovery.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

South African Gold Looking for Cash for Gold...

Bloomberg reported last week that the South African rand has seen a deficit widen to 7.9%.

South Africa relies on foreign purchases of its stocks and bonds, and this year has been among the worst since the Great Depression. The rand has lost 33% against the dollar and 24% against the euro in the past year.

The currency, at this time, is quite volatile and could weaken to 10.75 per dollar by the early part of next year. The government is expecting increased inflation as the country spends additional funds on road and energy infrastructure initiatives.

South Africa has been affected by gold and platinum prices, the largest exports of the country. South Africa produces about 80% of gold in the world and 10% of the world’s gold.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Gold Outlooks Raised for Cash for Gold Forecasts

It was announced on Friday, December 12th that Goldman Sachs has “upped” their forecast on gold as a safe haven.

Goldman Sachs has raised both gold and silver forecast as the dollar’s stability remains in question, amid the current financial crisis. The following has been reported (all prices per ounce):
  • Three-month gold forecasts have been raised from $690 to $700
  • Six-month gold forecasts have been raised from $730 to $785
  • Twelve-month gold forecasts have been raised from $710 to $795
  • Three-month silver forecasts have been raised from $9.90 to $10.04
  • Six-month silver forecasts have been raised from $10.30 to $11.08
  • Twelve-month silver forecasts have been raised from $9.20 to $10.30
Goldman’s reported, “We have long held that gold trades inversely with the U.S. dollar, which historically has explained over 90 percent of gold price movements”.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Cash More Solid Than Gold?

CNBC reported last week that “Cash – Not Gold – Is New Safe Haven for Investors”….

Gold has been a safe haven for investors, but in the fiscal crisis, people are looking for cash in any way that they can find it.

Even gold is paying the price, as investors are untrusting of commodities. The bottom line is that investors want cold hard cash.

However, all investment analysts are predicting rises in gold in the near future. Some predict that gold will fall far before it sees a jump. Many are unsure about the international banks around the world. There will be winners and losers and most people are looking for liquidity. Both gold and oil will be indicators of the future of our global economy. Read the entire article here…..

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cash For Gold Smashes Records...

The Motley Fool website reported last week that “Gold Buyers Smash Records!”

Although spot price of gold has fallen 20% from the March 2008 high, demand is still up. Mints have been running at full capacity and ETFs are hunting for physical gold to back up investment demand. The World Gold Council released the following facts:

  • Gold demand in Q3 was at $32 billion, beating the 2nd quarter by 45%.
  • Investment demand, including ETFs, rose to $10.7 billion – double earlier demand in the year.
  • Retail investment rose 121% in Swiss German and U.S. markets.
  • France became a net investor in gold for the first time since the early 1980s.
  • Demand for gold jewelry hit a record of $18 billion, led by India, the largest consumer of gold in the world.
  • Supply has fallen 9.7% than earlier in the year.

The article also predicts that gold will preserve buying power as the dollar and euro face price inflation…..Also pay attention to the mining companies themselves – their shares are sure to rise…..

Read the article in its entirety here.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Selling Gold at $2,000 an Ounce?

According to a press release from Cantos Communication, London is calling gold at $2,000 an ounce a “realistic possibility” in 2009.

Citing that “despite its recent weakening, the prospects of gold reaching $2,000 an ounce next year has to be considered a realistic possibility”. The information comes directly from James Turk, the Founder and Chairman of GoldMoney.

Turk was interviewed, via video, and has claimed that the doubling of the current value of the metal is highly likely as investors look for ‘safe haven status’ for their investments among the under-performing market. Demand among retail investors has been significant over the past year as hedge funds and other investors have been forced to sell gold and others are looking to buy. However, government intervention makes many nervous about the status of gold.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Current Gold Prices Result in Mining in Panama...

It was announced this week, by Reuters, that a Panama City gold mine is due to begin production in the near future…..

Petaquilla Minerals Ltd, a Vancouver mining company, is projected to begin gold mining in Panama within the next few weeks. The company has announced that it expects to mine over 100,000 ounces of gold by the beginning of 2010, maintaining those levels until at least 2015.

As rising gold prices have begun to offer cash and stability to liquidity-challenged citizens around the world, this newest gold source should not come as a surprise. However, environmental concerns and complaints have delayed production since January 2008, but Petaquilla has been given permission by the Panamanian government to proceed with mining.

This will be the first major gold mining site in the country of Panama. Because current gold prices should continue to increase, the Panamanian government is now entertaining other proposals. Panama has a history, like many other Latin American countries, of being mineral-rich, but the environmental concerns related to the tropical climate are very relevant to citizens and those that have relocated to the country.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cash for Gold?

The Salvation Army is hoping for extra generosity on part of its donors this year.

In the past, the Salvation Army has received valuable gold coins in its kettles as donations from generous citizens. With this year’s economy, it is questionable whether this generosity will continue. “It sparks attention and piques interest: ‘When are the gold coins going to show up?”, says a spokesman for the Salvation Army.

In the past, donors have dropped gold coins including American Buffalo, American Eagle and South African Krugerrands into the kettles. With each of these gold bullion coins worth around $1000 a piece, the Salvation Army claims that people know the value, they are just trying to help a good cause.

The Salvation Army sells the gold and dedicates 86 cents from every dollar to community programs that aid the needy.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cash4Gold - How Does COMEX Operate?

Barclays Global Investors (BGI) announced last week that it would be transferring shares from the NYSEAlternext US LLC to the NYSE Arcalisting and trading platform on December 4, 2008. BGI serves as the trustee for COMEX Gold Trust.

Barclays, as trustee for COMEX Gold trust, is one of the world’s largest institutional asset managers. The shares of COMEX, which come in units called “baskets”, are created to reflect the market price of gold, although at any given time, the shares may be slightly higher or lower than the current market price of gold.

Declines in the gold price can come from a couple of different factors:
(1) Large sales of holdings. There are instances where governments, banks, and other financial institutions are forced to sell off physical gold.
(2) Change in the level of hedge activity.
(3) Significant change in speculators or investors of gold

The Gold Trust works as a passive investment vehicle, meaning there are certain circumstances where gold might be physically lost or damaged, and the trust is unable to recover the loss. Shares of COMEX are not insured by FDIC, insurers or government agency and are treated like investments on the stock market.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old Gold Bookmark Discovered - Stolen, But Worth Cash

Reuters announced this week that a historical gold bookmark used by Hitler was recovered after being stolen.

The bookmark, made of 18 karat gold, was given to Hitler by Eva Braun, his mistress. It is estimated that the gold piece was a present from Braun after Hitler lost the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943. The gold bookmark is believed to have belonged to an executed armed forces chief prior to being acquired by Braun. The bookmark has a message from Braun to Hitler that is translated as “My Adolf, don’t worry…only an inconvenience that will not break your certainty of victory. My love for you will be eternal”

The gold bookmark was recovered in a sting operation by the US Justice Department after receiving information that someone was trying to sell the bookmark. The bookmark was stolen from a Spanish auction house in 2002 before it was to be sold. The thief faces up to 10 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Gold Rush Works Worth Cash

The Mercury News reported this week that a new collection of artwork with significant, American historical value has emerged.

The artwork of Charles B. Gillespie, a 49er, has been uncovered through a distant relative of Gillespie. Gillespie, an untrained artist that never sold a work in his lifetime, painted a number of sketches and oil paintings that were representative of the California Gold Rush. The collection includes over 119 pen and ink sketches and five oil paintings. Many of the pieces portray the 1848 discovery of gold by James Marshall at Sutter’s Mill, which launched the Gold Rush. Gillespie met James Marshall while sketching. One of the initial sketches bears the signature of Marshall.

Gillespie died in 1907 after working as a physician. The President of Holabird Kagin Americana, Fred Holabird, claims that Gillespie’s artwork is “one of the most important Gold Rush archives to surface in the last 100 years”. The number of pieces in the collection is significant and its worth is estimated at over half a million dollars.

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