Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long-Term Gold Outlook Good for Cash4Gold...

The Economic Advisor published a blog posting this week entitled “The Obama Stimulus – Will Cause Inflation and Gold to Soar – The AMP 2009 Predictions”

The publication predicts that a “tidal wave of money will lead to a tidal wave carrying inflation and gold to new heights”. So far, the bailout package has failed to promote bank lending yet. The economy has seen delayed expansion and employment cuts, the stock market is bottoming out and the auto industry is looking for financial aid. The Apprentice Millionaire Program has made a list of predictions they expect to see within the next year:

  1. The stimulus package will be at least $500 billion.
  2. The Federal Reserve will “force” banks to lend more aggressively to consumers and businesses.
  3. There will be a general optimism that will lift the economy.
  4. Lower mortgage rates will ease foreclosures and lift home sales.
  5. The housing market will turn around and ease inflation rates.

  1. Inflation will emerge and we will return to $75 oil.
  2. House prices will elevate to the point where mortgage rates halt housing expansion.
  3. The stock market will rally when the housing market looks up.
  4. As inflation rises, gold will rise to surpass the old high of $1000.
  5. Commodities, particularly gold and oil will lead the stock market recovery.

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