Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cash for Gold?

The Salvation Army is hoping for extra generosity on part of its donors this year.

In the past, the Salvation Army has received valuable gold coins in its kettles as donations from generous citizens. With this year’s economy, it is questionable whether this generosity will continue. “It sparks attention and piques interest: ‘When are the gold coins going to show up?”, says a spokesman for the Salvation Army.

In the past, donors have dropped gold coins including American Buffalo, American Eagle and South African Krugerrands into the kettles. With each of these gold bullion coins worth around $1000 a piece, the Salvation Army claims that people know the value, they are just trying to help a good cause.

The Salvation Army sells the gold and dedicates 86 cents from every dollar to community programs that aid the needy.

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