Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Donated Gold to Be Converted to Cash for Salvation Army

It has been reported by the Salvation Army that, despite the current economic crisis, the Salvation Army kettles are turning up gold coins and bars as usual.

In Des Moines, IA, gold coins were found, including a South African Krugerrand, a gold bullion coin worth nearly $860 each, and three 1/10 ounce American Gold Eagle coins, worth about $85 each.

Livingston, Michigan is also reporting that their Salvation Army kettles have turned up gold. Two 1-ounce gold bars wrapped in $100 bills was found in a kettle in Genoa Township, donated by a couple named Frank and Pam Wittman, who have donated gold for four consecutive years, along with dog cookies for the trained dogs that sit with the kettle.

Gold coins and gold bars that are donated to the Salvation Army kettles are sold at the end of the campaign and the cash for the gold is used to continue the charity’s goodwill efforts. Each year, it is common for the gold coins and bars to be donated. The Salvation Army has stated that people know the value of the gold – they are just expressing generosity. The campaign runs through Christmas Eve.

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