Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gold Sales at a Halt as Prices Soar....

Hot news came this week about the U.S. temporarily suspending sales of the American Buffalos due to fear of running out of the treasured coins.

The 24 karat gold American Buffalo coins were first introduced in 2006. The coins were authorized by Congress for the United States to enter international gold bullion market with competing coins like the South African Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple. The American Buffalos hold a face value of $50, but are priced accordingly with the international gold market. The coin is a one ounce gold bullion coin.

Due to the ongoing economic crisis, consumers are flocking to gold as a safe hedge against inflation. The current demand for the American Buffalo has exceeded the supply and the Mint is depleted of inventory. Sales were temporarily suspended due to demand up over 54% from a year ago

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Monday, September 29, 2008

One-Man Gold Mine

The LA Times’ Peter King wrote a story this week about Perry Cottingham, a one-man gold mine operation that has operated for the past thirty years.

A former stock car racer, Cottingham owns his gold mining operation in the Sierra mountains, outside Sacramento and near Fresno. He headed to the hills after purchasing a metal detector in the 70s, and finding $22,000 with it. After that, he headed to the hills and bought a property with an old gold mine on it. Cottingham’s family had a history of gold mining, and he went to work immediately.

Cottingham has sold “a substantial amount” of his gold throughout the last year. He has sold most of the gold from $910-$1,000 an ounce over the last year’s rise. He continues to pay attention to the daily gold prices as they again hover at the $1,000 mark.

"…Gold is always worth something," he said. "You can never go wrong with it. You just have to be willing to wait for the price to go up before you sell it off. What they call this catastrophe actually has been good for gold and oil and commodities."
Perry Cottingham, L.A. Times article by Peter King

Mining has apparently turned up over $13 million in gold in California in the past year.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cash4Gold.com - Soaring in Uncertain Times

The U.S. Economy and the bailout plan have been hot topics in the international investment market. As uncertainty has gained momentum, gold prices have been soaring.

As the U.S. government deals with the housing and credit crises, international concern has escalated. This has been the worst financial situation since the Great Depression. The comparisons between our current economic scenario and the 1930s have one consistent – gold. Gold as we have always heard is a hedge against inflation and has remained a safe haven in these uncertain times. Gold is expected to continue to benefit, as the international banking system attempts to stabilize.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gold Mining to Increase as Price Soars

The Diario de Cuyo publication announced that Barrick Gold Corporation, one of the largest gold miners in the country, looks like it might be moving forward on a $3 billion gold and silver project between Chile and Argentina.

Pascua Lama, the intended mining site, is located in the Andes mountains between Argentina and Chile. It is known as one of the world’s largest gold and silver deposits, holding over seventeen million ounces of gold.

There is a scheduled meeting in October in Santiago, Chile between country officials and Barrick, to decide whether an agreement can be reached. Mining has been delayed due to the unsettling of tax matters between the two countries. Barrick has already conceded in environmental areas, agreeing to leave nearby glaciers untouched and unharmed.

It is imperative that mining begin for two purposes. The first, is that if mining does not begin quickly, the summer season will be over in South America. The mining must occur from September to April, due to weather constraints. The second reason that mining is expected to start quickly is the current price of gold.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Indian Gold Demand Increase Price?

The Indian wedding season is coming up, and we will soon see a surge in demand for gold.

Indians have a special affinity for gold that is not deterred by the current pricing. However, many are asking the question of whether its better to buy now, or wait until the U.S. financial crisis calms down.

From October to January, and again from April to May is the Indian wedding season. Traditionally, gold is given to Indian brides, as it is representative of times when a woman’s jewelry was the only commodity of worth that a woman had. Brides are married with thick gold chains as part of their bridal dressing that represents security. India, the world’s largest gold consumer at about 30 percent, imports quite a bit of gold for over 10 million marriages a year.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cash4Gold Report For Week....

This week’s Cash4Gold Gold Assessment Report found further proof of the solidity of gold as an investment and a commodity.

Gold prices fell on Monday to as low as $862.80, as investors question the U.S. economy and bail-out package that was just approved to rescue the U.S. economy. This, following last weeks gold run that was the largest advance in nine years, and the largest one-day rise for gold in twenty-six years.

Even though the current price has fallen somewhat, economists still expect the metal to gain to $1,000 an ounce, and have suggested that silver will go on a run as well. Because the U.S. is experiencing the worst financial situation since 1920, precious metals and oil will continue to rise. The housing market has not bottomed out yet, and recession is expected through 2010 - as the dollar faces devaluation, and the consumer faces inflation, increasing unemployment and bankruptcies, and a declining stock market. Gold will continue to serve as an asset against inflation.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gold Selling Futures

This week, The Gold Report spoke with John Embry, a Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Asset Management and gold expert. Embry predicts four-digit gold by January 2009. He blames the recent fall of gold on “violent intervention by the paper players”.

Embry predicts, in turn, that there will be a “violent reaction in the gold price soon”, due to the fact that it will spring back. Embry also predicts mergers and acquisitions of smaller mining companies that cannot afford the rising costs at this time, stating that many mines need gold to be at $1200 an ounce in order to turn a profit. The mining companies currently doing well have a significant cash flow.

Lots of debt – stuck creating more to bail the situation out – deflation. Embry also cites the 1930s when the best performing commodities were gold stocks. He recommends a core holding of bullion.

Embry went on to say, “It’s always best to talk when things are at their worst because I think that’s when the opportunity is the greatest.”

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A new business card has been introduced that is due to set a new gold standard for business….if you’re brave enough to carry it….

Mitsubishi Materials has released The Mitsubishi Materials Fine gold card, a custom business card made from real gold. Sold through the Japan Trend Shop, those wishing for this prestigious token can send their regular business card in, and it is transformed into a business card made of pure gold.

The cards come in full color, and are made of 1 gram of fine gold. The cost of each card is $179.00. These unique cards take 2-4 weeks to create and return to the buyer, and they come in a wooden display box. The cards are in full color on both the front and the back.

This latest venture is further proof of the gold trends that have been popping up as the metal has gained popularity due to its increasing value.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gold Sales to Increase Worth of Metal?

This week’s update on gold pricing may predict rising futures for the metal.

Reuters UK reported that due to hardships being experienced by the U.S. banking industry, gold might be headed for a run.

This week, oil fell below $10 a barrel for 7 month lows, Lehman Bros filed for bankruptcy protection, and Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America.   The weaker dollar could trigger a rise in demand for commodities, like gold.

Gold jumped 2.5% to over $784 an ounce following last Thursday’s 11-month low of $736.  Bullion, on the other hand, was trading at $775.60 an ounce.

Gold is often considered a safe haven during financial crises, and many economists are predicting that it is not performing at its peak ability yet.  Gold’s futures will also be determined by watching if the euro reacts strongly or weakly to the dollar.

Many economists are also questioning what will happen when much of the supply of gold is purchased...

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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Gold Standard...in Chocolate

It was recently revealed that a new gold standard has been introduced….in chocolate.

Basel, Switzerland-based Beschle Chocolatier, has introduced The Gold Collection of chocolates. The Gold Collection features both Napolitaines and Truffles in what the company calls a “a luxurious composition of chocolate and 24 ct gold”. The new collection will represent the roaring 20s and the company has said that the Gold Collection is representative of ‘exclusiveness, stylishness, opulence and sexiness’.

The Truffles au Lait have actual 24 ct gold sprinkles on them and are the most exclusive chocolates in the world.

Beschle Choclatier Suisse, is considered the premier, self-described “haute couturier of chocolates. In addition to the Gold Collection, the company carries a Red Collection and Ladies Collection. The company has differentiated itself from other chocolate companies, based on “the best ingredients, the best creations and the best craftsmanship”.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cash4Gold Car in Race This Weekend.....

Be sure to tune in this weekend!

The ARCA is in Salem, Indiana this weekend for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 20 by Federated Auto Parts Race at the Salem Speedway.

Check out our favorite – Brandon Knupp and the Cash4Gold car!

The race will be aired and covered on MavTV, so check it out this weekend by clicking here. We will post new information as we get it.

Brandon came in 12th in August in the Cash4Gold care in Lebanon, TN and only sees improvement in his future. At Cash4Gold, we support Brandon and his efforts!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gold Merger Good For Gold Sales?

Canasia and Kinross Gold USA signed a mineral agreement this week.

Canasia is a Canadian mineral exploration company that owns sub-company, Gold Property and Prospect properties in the western United States and in Canada.

Kinross Gold is a New York listed gold company that is also the third largest primary gold producer in North America. Based in Canada, Kinross has 9 mines worldwide.

The nature of the deal is with regard to Canasia’s Debut Gold Property in Elko County, Nevada. Kinross will make royalty payments to Canasia over a period of 15 years that will require a minimum of $3 million for exploration of the property.

Canasia reportedly considers this a “significant milestone” and also has asserted that this will be the first of many deals of this nature.

Surging demand for gold and gold bullion in uncertain economic times is occurring and is indicative of gold’s growing value.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

If you aren’t interested in selling your old gold jewelry or scrap gold yet, give it a tune-up! Gold does not tarnish but does get dirty. The great thing about real gold is that it is easily cleaned and restored to its original beauty.

1) Make sure that the sink is closed and sealed if you choose not to use a separate bowl. Occasionally, smaller jewelry can get caught in or around the drain. You don’t want to see your gold jewelry sucked down!

2) Add water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the bowl or sink.

3) Allow the gold jewelry to soak for about 2 minutes.

4) Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the dirt from the gold jewelry.

5) Rinse the jewelry thoroughly.

6) Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Some people choose to use ammonia in cleaning their gold – use with caution or it can leave your jewelry damaged. A 1 to 10 ammonia to water ratio is your safest combination if you choose to use ammonia in your cleaning. Make sure to rinse thoroughly if you choose to do so.

There are also special cloths that you can buy that are designated for precious metal jewelry – most can be found at drug stores.

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Monday, September 8, 2008


Those doubting the security of owning gold and selling gold for profit should take a few factors into consideration this week.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government this week, after a stunning financial collapse of the housing entities. 

However, on Tuesday, gold fell below $800 an ounce for the first time, reaching ultimate lows of $795.00.  The last decline of this magnitude was in mid-August at $773.90/oz.  The last high for gold was on March 17th at $1,030.80 an ounce. 

Many are expecting gold at $1,225 an ounce, but yesterday’s rise - where the dollar hit a one-year high - did not increase the precious metal’s pricing.

Physical buying of gold is anticipated to increase in coming months.  The festive seasons in India, requiring gold bullion.  Bullion was priced at $987.75 an ounce in mid-July and has since fallen to $800 an ounce, but can be expected to rise due to the shortage.

Check back with us for additional information about buying and selling gold.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This week, Reuters reported that the world’s largest gold refinery, Rand Refinery Ltd, has run out of South African Krugerrands.

The Krugerrands were first introduced in 1967 at the South African Mint.   The blanks of the Krugerrand are supplied by Rand Refinery, and minted by the government.

The sold out status is apparently due to an “unusually large” order from an anonymous buyer in Switzerland.  Who is the buyer, and what does this mean?

The order was for 5,000 ounces.  This size order took from August 28th to September 3rd for inventory replenishment. 

Gold coins and gold bullion bars have become more popular with investors as a hedge against inflation.  Apparently, conflict between Russia and Georgia has increased demand as well. 

Demand of gold is 25% higher this year than last with investor demand up for gold collectible coins and gold bars.

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Reports came this weekend that gold purchasers are increasing among Europeans, Asians, and Middle Easterners.  Much of the upswing is due to the downswing that many of us are feeling in the U.S.

Gold prices may rise to $1,250 an ounce is a prediction by several, because it retains an allure as a hedge against inflation.  Gold “could go up 50 percent”, says Sean Boyd, CEO of Agnico-Eagle Mines. 

As credit and housing crises are still on the mainframe in the U.S., others are betting against us.

March 17th was the last high that gold experienced, at $1,033.90, but has dropped 19% since.  The CEO of Newmont Mining Corp, Richard O’Brien, sees bright futures for the metal due to future inflation anticipation.

Everyone is now watching the euro.  Gold has generally moved with the euro.  The metal remains one of the most solid investments that can be made.  The advice?    Buy now and sell every time it jumps.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


No one knows exactly how gold will be priced in the future, but this blog made some interesting points.  In 1800, the price of gold was just below $20 per troy ounce.  By 2008, gold has reached almost $1,000 per ounce, just not quite yet.

In total, this is less than a 2% annualized average rate of return.  The all time peak for gold was in 1980 – the price equivalent, when adjusted for inflation – is $2,000 per ounce in today’s dollars.  $2,000 an ounce is a far cry from the $800 an ounce where gold is priced right now.

Take note that gold hovered around $20 an ounce for about 130 years, with the past 78 years showing safe, but not the highest rates that are paid out with other investments.

Historically, gold is always suggested as a hedge against inflation, due to the fact that it does well when people lose confidence in hard currency.

With decline of dollar and the possible decline of the euro, gold again may be that hedge against inflation.  To learn more about the prices we pay for gold, visit www.cash4gold.com and consider selling your gold today.



Monday, September 1, 2008

Gold Statue of Moss Worth Millions

This week, artist Marc Quinn unveiled his gold sculpture, entitled “Siren”. The sculpture used supermodel Kate Moss as the image in the sculpture calling her the “ideal beauty of the moment”.

The sculpture is life-sized, and weighs 50 kgs, or 100 pounds. The gold value used in the statue is worth 1.5 million pounds, or $2.8 million dollars.

The gold sculpture will be shown in an exhibition at the British Museum in the Nereid Gallery. The exhibit, entitled “Statuephilia: Contemporary sculptors at the British Museum” will run from the 4th of October – 25th of January.

Moss is considered a modern day muse and siren that has served as inspiration for designers like Calvin Klein and other artists like Lucian Freud and Bansky. Quinn has previously placed Moss in a bronze yoga pose in another sculpture.

Quinn has had other high-profile projects in the past, including one using his own blood and another of a disabled pregnant woman.

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