Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

If you aren’t interested in selling your old gold jewelry or scrap gold yet, give it a tune-up! Gold does not tarnish but does get dirty. The great thing about real gold is that it is easily cleaned and restored to its original beauty.

1) Make sure that the sink is closed and sealed if you choose not to use a separate bowl. Occasionally, smaller jewelry can get caught in or around the drain. You don’t want to see your gold jewelry sucked down!

2) Add water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the bowl or sink.

3) Allow the gold jewelry to soak for about 2 minutes.

4) Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the dirt from the gold jewelry.

5) Rinse the jewelry thoroughly.

6) Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Some people choose to use ammonia in cleaning their gold – use with caution or it can leave your jewelry damaged. A 1 to 10 ammonia to water ratio is your safest combination if you choose to use ammonia in your cleaning. Make sure to rinse thoroughly if you choose to do so.

There are also special cloths that you can buy that are designated for precious metal jewelry – most can be found at drug stores.

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