Monday, September 1, 2008

Gold Statue of Moss Worth Millions

This week, artist Marc Quinn unveiled his gold sculpture, entitled “Siren”. The sculpture used supermodel Kate Moss as the image in the sculpture calling her the “ideal beauty of the moment”.

The sculpture is life-sized, and weighs 50 kgs, or 100 pounds. The gold value used in the statue is worth 1.5 million pounds, or $2.8 million dollars.

The gold sculpture will be shown in an exhibition at the British Museum in the Nereid Gallery. The exhibit, entitled “Statuephilia: Contemporary sculptors at the British Museum” will run from the 4th of October – 25th of January.

Moss is considered a modern day muse and siren that has served as inspiration for designers like Calvin Klein and other artists like Lucian Freud and Bansky. Quinn has previously placed Moss in a bronze yoga pose in another sculpture.

Quinn has had other high-profile projects in the past, including one using his own blood and another of a disabled pregnant woman.

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