Monday, September 15, 2008

New Gold Chocolate

It was recently revealed that a new gold standard has been introduced….in chocolate.

Basel, Switzerland-based Beschle Chocolatier, has introduced The Gold Collection of chocolates. The Gold Collection features both Napolitaines and Truffles in what the company calls a “a luxurious composition of chocolate and 24 ct gold”. The new collection will represent the roaring 20s and the company has said that the Gold Collection is representative of ‘exclusiveness, stylishness, opulence and sexiness’.

The Truffles au Lait have actual 24 ct gold sprinkles on them and are the most exclusive chocolates in the world.

Beschle Choclatier Suisse, is considered the premier, self-described “haute couturier of chocolates. In addition to the Gold Collection, the company carries a Red Collection and Ladies Collection. The company has differentiated itself from other chocolate companies, based on “the best ingredients, the best creations and the best craftsmanship”.

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