Monday, November 30, 2009

Cash4Gold on Soul Train Awards Show

Cash4Gold celebrity endorser and three-time Grammy Award Winner MC Hammer was on-hand last night at the Soul Train Awards show, which was broadcast nationally on BET.

Hammer and Cash4Gold enjoyed some time in the spotlight with the evening co-hosts Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

The following press release, which was circulated today, discusses how the company is finding itself at the center of pop culture in America today.



Leading Mail-In Gold Buyer Enjoying Recent Pop Culture Spotlight

Pompano Beach, Fla. – November 30, 2009 – Cash4Gold (, the world’s #1 gold buyer direct from consumers, emerged onto the U.S. pop culture radar in 2009 with its Super Bowl spot featuring hip-hop icon MC Hammer and the late, great TV legend Ed McMahon. As a sign of the brand’s increasing relevance and popularity, on Sunday night, the company was referenced during the 2009 Soul Train Awards telecast on BET.

Cash4Gold celebrity endorser and three-time Grammy Award-winner MC Hammer was briefly interviewed during the broadcast by the Soul Train Awards co-hosts Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. As part of their on-air comedic banter, the co-hosts approached MC Hammer at his seat to congratulate him on the 2009 success of Cash4Gold. Terrence Howard then opened his jacket showing a number of gold necklaces and asked Hammer what he thought. MC Hammer chuckled and said, “We’re trying to melt that gold, baby!”

“It is gratifying to see the Cash4Gold brand regularly mentioned on national television and in top-tier magazines,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson. “We have worked hard to provide our customers with a secure, convenient and top-notch experience. The fact that there is such a buzz surrounding Cash4Gold tells me that people are excited about the unique service that we provide.”

In recent weeks Cash4Gold has also been featured by a number of other mainstream media outlets. The company has enjoyed the recent spotlight on such pop culture barometers as “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report,” “The Soup,” ESPN The Magazine and “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.” “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” included a Cash4Gold envelope in their original music video, “Still a Boss.” Also, Stephen Colbert pointed to the trend of people monetizing their unused jewelry by using Cash4Gold’s mail-in service.

In ESPN The Magazine’s “Ask a Fourth-Grader” Pittsburgh article, a class of fourth graders were asked what they would do if they had the Stanley Cup for a day. One child responded that he would send it in to Cash4Gold.

Cash4Gold continues not only to grow its brand in the United States but has also has expanded its service internationally to include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Consumers who would like to keep up with Cash4Gold news and media coverage can connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

About Cash4Gold
Cash4Gold is the world’s #1 buyer of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum from the general public. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have received millions of dollars from Cash4Gold since its inception. To sell your gold, please visit or call 1-877-GOLD-590 for more information, and don’t forget to visit the Cash4Gold blog.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cash4Gold Helps Make it a Happy Thanksgiving by Giving Out Two Tons of Turkeys to Employees

In appreciation of the hard work of its 300 employees at the company's Pompano Beach headquarters, Cash4Gold Co-Founders CEO Jeff Aronson and President Howard Mofshin made sure that everyone took home a free turkey in advance of the upcoming holiday.

Below is a press release that provides some additional details about this tradition, which has been carried out since the founding of Cash4Gold in 2007.

For Immediate Release


Leading Gold Buyer Provides Two Tons of Free Birds for Turkey Day

Pompano Beach, Fla. – November 25, 2009 – Cash4Gold (, the world’s #1 buyer of precious metals from consumers, is not only dedicated to satisfying its customers, but also making sure its employees are taken care of and ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. This week, as each employee left Cash4Gold headquarters, they were given a turkey by company CEO Jeff Aronson and President Howard Mofshin to ensure that they were prepared for Thursday’s holiday.

Cash4Gold employs more than 300 people at its Pompano Beach, Fla. headquarters and yesterday each person left the building with a 12-14 pound Thanksgiving turkey. This adds up to around 4,000 pounds of free turkey for Cash4Gold’s staff. The employees were notified of the reward last week by Cash4Gold Co-Founders CEO Jeff Aronson and President Howard Mofshin, to ensure they didn’t buy them over the weekend. This has become an annual tradition at Cash4Gold since the company launched in 2007.

“Our employees work extremely hard all year and it’s important for us to make an extra effort around the holidays to ensure they thoroughly enjoy the season,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson. “We appreciate the dedication displayed every day at our headquarters and we wanted to reward everyone leading up to Thanksgiving.”

The Cash4Gold staff has grown rapidly in 2009 with the company launching its mail-in gold buying service in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Keeping employees well-fed is not new to Cash4Gold; each day, Cash4Gold provides a catered lunch from a local restaurant to its 300-plus employees.

Anyone interested in using Cash4Gold’s mail-in gold buying service is encouraged to connect with the company on Twitter and Facebook. More information about Cash4Gold can be found on the official Cash4Gold blog and U.S. residents who would like to sell gold are invited to call 1-877-GOLD-590.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TV Report Highlights Cash4Gold’s Security Measures

Cash4Gold is continuing to utilize various security practices at its secure, state-of-the-art processing facility, setting the standard for the mail-in gold buying industry that it created. Cash4Gold's security screening process was recently featured on a television report from WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama.

Read more about

Cash4Gold Estimates Melt Value of Major League Soccer Trophy

In a press release distributed yesterday, Cash4Gold estimated the melt value of the championship trophy of Major League Soccer at around $10,730.

Below is the full text of the release.



Pompano Beach, Fla. – November 23, 2009 – Cash4Gold (, the world’s #1 gold buyer direct from consumers, congratulates the 2009 MLS Cup champion Real Salt Lake on the title they captured Sunday. Real Salt Lake won the most coveted trophy in U.S. professional soccer at Qwest Field in Seattle after a hard-fought match that went into overtime before ultimately being settled on penalty kicks.

The champions of Major League Soccer hoisted the sterling silver Philip F. Anschutz Trophy, which weighs 43 pounds and stands 24 inches tall. Cash4Gold estimates that the trophy’s melt value is around $10,730.

The virtual appraisal from Cash4Gold, based upon the trophy’s reported weight and makeup, refers to the melt value, which is the value of the actual precious metals content included in an item. This does not account for the item’s craftsmanship or its artistic, historic, or sentimental value. By comparison, the Stanley Cup was estimated earlier this year to contain $7,500 worth of precious metals.

“Everyone at Cash4Gold congratulates Real Salt Lake on their 2009 title,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson. “At Cash4Gold we always provide a completely free evaluation to all our customers, but certainly don’t encourage people to send items such as these trophies, whose great sentimental and historical value probably outweigh the value of the precious metal they contain.”

Soccer has huge popularity worldwide and in 2009, Cash4Gold has undergone a widespread global expansion due to its success in the U.S. The company has launched its mail-in gold buying service in Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

About Cash4Gold

Cash4Gold is the world’s #1 buyer of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum from the general public. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have received millions of dollars from Cash4Gold since inception. For more information, connect with Cash4Gold on Facebook and Twitter.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cash4Gold Employee Feedback

It’s been said that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Perhaps food does play some role in the positive vibes that circulate among the employees at Cash4Gold.

Cash4Gold provides free, catered lunch from a local restaurant every single day for the more than 300 employees working at its high-security, state of the art processing facility.

This morning, Cash4Gold’s call center workers were also treated to a special breakfast as a way of thanking them for their hard work and excellent customer service.

Below is a copy of an e-mail received by Cash4Gold executives from the Dutch-speaking and German-speaking customer service representatives.

Dear Mr. Aronson,

I would like to thank you, on behalf of The Dutch Team, for the nice breakfast.

We are happy to be part of Cash4Gold’s family and it is our pleasure to serve your customers.

Vriendelijke groet
(Kind regards)


Jeff, Howard and David,

Just wanted to say thank you for the Germany launch party and the bagel breakfast this morning. We appreciate your confidence in and the acknowledgment of our team.

We hope for a huge success in Germany.

For Team Germany

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hola Spain! - Cash4Gold’s International Expansion Continues

Cash4Gold today announced that is is open for business in Spain. The company, which launched in 2007, orginially offered its industry leading mail-in gold buying services to Americans all across the country.

Today, Cash4Gold has opened additional operations in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany.

Below is a copy of the Spanish-language press release that went out today in Madrid. Below that is an English translation.


El líder mundial en la compra de metales preciosos (oro, plata y platino) por correo llega a nuestro país en su proceso de expansión internacional

Madrid, 18 Noviembre 2009 – Cash4Gold, el comprador líder a nivel mundial de metales preciosos, incluyendo oro, plata y platino, por correo y directamente de los consumidores y líder a nivel mundial, ha anunciado el lanzamiento de su servicio en España a través de su página web y el teléfono 900 802 052.

La compañía, con presencia en Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Canadá, Alemania y Holanda, llega a España con el objetivo de ofrecer un servicio de canje de aquellas joyas (oro, plata, platino y diamantes) de las que los ciudadanos quieran deshacerse. El servicio es fácil de usar, seguro y totalmente confidencial.

“Queremos lograr en España el mismo éxito que hemos tenido en otros países, ofreciendo a los ciudadanos un servicio con el que esperamos que estén 100% satisfechos”, ha declarado el presidente de Cash4Gold, Jeff Aronson.

“Como líderes en la industria de compra de oro a distancia, estamos orgullosos de continuar nuestro crecimiento internacional mediante la puesta en marcha del negocio en España. Éste es un negocio seguro, cómodo y que garantiza el 100% de la satisfacción del cliente”, añade Aronson.

Cash4Gold acepta oro, plata y platino y tasa los objetos en función de la pureza y la cantidad del contenido del metal precioso de cada pieza. Cash4Gold utiliza las últimas técnicas y la más avanzada tecnología para asegurar que todas las joyas son correctamente valoradas.

Los clientes de Cash4Gold se benefician de un proceso extremadamente sencillo. Primero, el cliente solicita un paquete, que ha sido previamente abonado y que es totalmente seguro, por Internet o por teléfono, y que le es enviado donde prefiera. A continuación, envía de vuelta por correo el paquete, con los artículos de oro, plata o platino dentro del mismo.

El paquete se envía al centro de procesamiento de alta seguridad y última tecnología de Cash4Gold, donde es examinado por especialistas para determinar su valor. Una vez se ha establecido el valor del material, Cash4Gold envía un cheque o deposita el dinero en la cuenta corriente del cliente, en función de cómo éste prefiera.

Si por alguna razón, el cliente no queda satisfecho con la valoración de Cash4Gold o si cambia de opinión y decide no vender sus joyas, la compañía devuelve las mismas sin ningún coste adicional, en función de la política de 100% de satisfacción garantizada de Cash4Gold.

Sobre Cash4Gold
Cash4Gold es el comprador de metales preciosos, incluyendo oro, plata y platino, directamente de los consumidores y líder a nivel mundial. Gracias a su proceso sencillo, rápido y seguro, la compañía ha revolucionado el negocio de refinería por correo que creó. Cash4Gold ha realizado más de 900.000 transacciones hasta la fecha.

Para más información, por favor visite la página web o llame al 900 802 052. También puede visitarnos en Cash4Gold blog, Facebook y Twitter.



Spaniards Can Turn Their Unwanted Gold into Cash with the World’s #1 Online Gold Buyer

Pompano Beach, Fla. – November 16, 2009 – Cash4Gold (, the world’s #1 gold buyer from consumers, has launched its popular service in Spain. The company, which has serviced over 900,000 satisfied customers in the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, will help the people of Spain monetize unwanted gold, silver and platinum items.

Spanish residents will now be able to use Cash4Gold to trade their broken or unwanted jewelry for cash easily and privately. Customers will no longer have to travel to jewelry stores or pawn shops to sell their items.

“We are continuing our successful move into Europe with a Spanish launch and we look forward to providing our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service to Spanish customers,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson. “As the leaders in the mail-in gold buying industry, we are proud to continue our international growth by offering Cash4Gold’s safe, convenient and 100% satisfaction-guaranteed service to the people of Spain.”

Cash4Gold accepts gold, silver and platinum items and pays customers based on the quality and quantity of precious metal contained in the item, also known as the melt value. This value is based purely on the actual precious metals contained in an item and does not factor in the decorative, artistic or sentimental value.

Cash4Gold customers enjoy an extremely easy customer service experience. First, consumers request a pre-paid and insured Refiner’s Return Pak, either through the Cash4Gold website or by calling the toll-free hotline. The envelope is sent directly to the customer’s home or place of business, whichever they prefer. The items that contain gold, silver or platinum are placed into the pre-paid and insured envelope and sent in the mail. The package arrives at Cash4Gold’s state-of-the-art processing facility where it is appraised by the company’s trained and certified professionals.

After the appraisal is completed, Cash4Gold then sends a check to the customer or directly deposits the payment into their bank account. The payment method is selected by the customer. In the event that a customer decides they would like their items returned for any reason, they can contact Cash4Gold within 12 days to have the items returned at no cost. This is part of Cash4Gold’s 100% customer guarantee.

U.S. residents who would like to sell their unwanted jewelry can visit or call 1-800-GOLD (4653)-590.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cash4Gold Sees Growing Excitement Around Online Gold Buying and Mixed Martial Arts

Cash4Gold today announced that it is excited to see increased interest in the online gold-buying service that the company pioneered. In a special press release for the UK, Cash4Gold announced its sponsorship of MMA talent Aaron Riley, who is competing in Manchester tomorrow night in a highly anticipated match-up with British brawler Ross Pearson.

Read a copy of the release below:

Cash4Gold.Com Sponsors Aaron Riley Versus Ross Pearson in Highly Anticipated Fight and Sees Growing Excitement in Britain Around Online Gold-Buying Services and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

LONDON, November 13 /PRNewswire/ -- (, the world's #1 gold buyer direct from the general public, is sponsoring veteran MMA talent Aaron Riley in a highly anticipated fight in Manchester at the MEN Arena on 14 November. Riley, who competes in the lightweight division and boasts a record of 28-11-1 will face off against Sunderland native Ross Pearson, who was the season nine winner of reality TV show "The Ultimate Fighter."

Cash4Gold sponsors a variety of the world's most elite MMA stars, and the company has a long tradition of other sports sponsorships. The company also backs an MMA-related charitable organisation called the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation, which was established by U.S. Army veteran and Hall of Famer Randy Couture to honor and raise money for soldiers wounded in action.

Jeff Aronson, CEO and Co-Founder of, said: "Aaron Riley is a tough and talented fighter and Cash4Gold is proud to be in his corner. Cash4Gold is glad to be open for business in the United Kingdom and we have been thrilled so far with the outpouring of interest in our secure, easy, discreet and 100 percent satisfaction-guaranteed service that has redefined how people sell gold."

Like the service pioneered by that enables customers to send items through the post, MMA is also generating tremendous excitement in the UK, becoming more mainstream and exploding in popularity. Cash4Gold sees its MMA sponsorships as an opportunity to further become part of British pop culture.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Even Fourth Graders Know That Cash4Gold Pays…

At Cash4Gold we follow all kinds of gold-related news. We also watch lots of TV, read the local paper, multitudes of websites and lots of magazines, including ESPN The Magazine. (We have a lot of sports enthusiasts among the hundreds of employees here in Florida and it also makes sense given the growing roster of athletes and sports franchises that we sponsor.)

We were surprised and delighted to discover ourselves in an entertaining and highly unusual article in this month’s issue of ESPN The Magazine. In the story, fourth graders from an elementary school in Pittsburgh answer all kinds of sports-related questions.

In response to the question of what he would do with the Stanley Cup if he had it for a day, one young scholar by the name of JJ said: “I’d sell it to Cash4Gold.”

JJ may have just been giving a silly answer. Maybe he was displaying a keen business sense and expressing a desire to capitalize financially on a unique situation. Perhaps he knew that Cash4Gold estimated the Stanley Cup’s melt value at around $7,500 earlier this year.

The lesson that we draw from this is that even fourth graders know that Cash4Gold offers a quick, easy, secure and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed service.

However, we must remind the public that all Cash4Gold customers must be age 21 or older and the lawful owners of the goods with absolute authority to sell the goods that are the subject of their transaction with Cash4Gold.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cash4Gold on E!

Cash4Gold received a funny mention this week on E! Chided for the sparseness of the set, The Soup’s Joel McHale joked that the renovation would depend on some money coming in and that he was waiting for his Cash4Gold payment to arrive.

(If Joel had sent in items and opted to use FastCash he would have received funds deposited directly into his bank account within 24 hours.)

Cash4Gold is regularly talked about on a variety of television programs ranging from The Tonight Show to The Colbert Report to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Visit Cash4Gold’s website ( and check out the videos along the left side of the page to view some of the company’s best T.V. moments.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

As Yankees Clinch World Series, Cash4Gold Appraises Melt Value of Championship Trophy

The New York Yankees last night won their historic 27th World Series championship. With inspired play, the Yankees clinched the six-game series and earned the right to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy as champions of the world.

Cash4Gold today estimated the melt value of the championship hardware, which consists of 30 pounds of sterling silver and 30 gold-plated flags, at around $7,750. Melt value refers to the actual value of the precious metal contained in an object, and does not account for sentimental, historic or artistic value.

Clearly, the World Series trophy is not something that would be sent in to Cash4Gold’s state-of-the-art processing facility to be melted down. However, the company has offered to do a free appraisal of the hardware.

Read a copy of today’s press release about the World Series trophy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cash4Gold Considers 5 Best and Worst UK Suggestions for Celebrity Spokesman

In a Cash4Gold mini press release sent out in the UK today, Cash4Gold evaluated a number of the celebrity suggestions that have come in courtesy of the UK public. Cash4Gold, which pioneered mail-in gold buying in the U.S. before taking the concept global, is currently running a contest in the UK in search of a celeb to star in a future Cash4Gold T.V. commercial.

Randomly chosen from among those who suggest the British celebrity that Cash4Gold ends up selecting will be one grand prize winner, who will be treated to tea with Hammer and the UK celebrity.

The contest is advertised on Cash4Gold’s UK website with a special message from three-time Grammy Award-Winner MC Hammer.

To see the five best and five worst suggestions so far, read the full text of the release below:


Peter Andre and Katie Price among favourites to star in new Cash4Gold ad
3/11/09 – London, England

What do Simon Cowell, Goldie and Katie Price have in common? They are just some of the celebs that have been suggested by the UK public to star in a future Cash4Gold television ad. Since the company launched its competition in September, thousands have voted for who they would like to star alongside MC Hammer and for a chance to win afternoon tea with the rapper and UK celeb.

Katie Price’s ex-husband Peter Andre and former TV presenter Jimmy Saville are also popular choices. Some of the worst suggestions for a UK celeb include Americans Mr. T, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Elvis Presley, whose death in 1977 makes him an extremely unlikely candidate for the job. Perhaps just slightly less likely than “The King” to appear is The Queen, much as we would love to see her next to MC Hammer in all her bling.

“We have seen a great response from the British public”, said Jeff Aronson, CEO and Founder of Cash4Gold. “Celebrity culture is as big here as it is in the US and people love the idea of seeing their chosen celeb star in our next ad.”

Suggestions can be submitted until the 15th November at

Top 5 suggestions so far

Simon Cowell
Peter Andre
Katie Price
Jimmy Saville

Worst 5 suggestions so far

Jennifer Aniston
Mr. T
The Queen