Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cash4Gold Considers 5 Best and Worst UK Suggestions for Celebrity Spokesman

In a Cash4Gold mini press release sent out in the UK today, Cash4Gold evaluated a number of the celebrity suggestions that have come in courtesy of the UK public. Cash4Gold, which pioneered mail-in gold buying in the U.S. before taking the concept global, is currently running a contest in the UK in search of a celeb to star in a future Cash4Gold T.V. commercial.

Randomly chosen from among those who suggest the British celebrity that Cash4Gold ends up selecting will be one grand prize winner, who will be treated to tea with Hammer and the UK celebrity.

The contest is advertised on Cash4Gold’s UK website with a special message from three-time Grammy Award-Winner MC Hammer.

To see the five best and five worst suggestions so far, read the full text of the release below:


Peter Andre and Katie Price among favourites to star in new Cash4Gold ad
3/11/09 – London, England

What do Simon Cowell, Goldie and Katie Price have in common? They are just some of the celebs that have been suggested by the UK public to star in a future Cash4Gold television ad. Since the company launched its competition in September, thousands have voted for who they would like to star alongside MC Hammer and for a chance to win afternoon tea with the rapper and UK celeb.

Katie Price’s ex-husband Peter Andre and former TV presenter Jimmy Saville are also popular choices. Some of the worst suggestions for a UK celeb include Americans Mr. T, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Elvis Presley, whose death in 1977 makes him an extremely unlikely candidate for the job. Perhaps just slightly less likely than “The King” to appear is The Queen, much as we would love to see her next to MC Hammer in all her bling.

“We have seen a great response from the British public”, said Jeff Aronson, CEO and Founder of Cash4Gold. “Celebrity culture is as big here as it is in the US and people love the idea of seeing their chosen celeb star in our next ad.”

Suggestions can be submitted until the 15th November at http://uk.cash4gold.com/

Top 5 suggestions so far

Simon Cowell
Peter Andre
Katie Price
Jimmy Saville

Worst 5 suggestions so far

Jennifer Aniston
Mr. T
The Queen

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