Thursday, November 12, 2009

Even Fourth Graders Know That Cash4Gold Pays…

At Cash4Gold we follow all kinds of gold-related news. We also watch lots of TV, read the local paper, multitudes of websites and lots of magazines, including ESPN The Magazine. (We have a lot of sports enthusiasts among the hundreds of employees here in Florida and it also makes sense given the growing roster of athletes and sports franchises that we sponsor.)

We were surprised and delighted to discover ourselves in an entertaining and highly unusual article in this month’s issue of ESPN The Magazine. In the story, fourth graders from an elementary school in Pittsburgh answer all kinds of sports-related questions.

In response to the question of what he would do with the Stanley Cup if he had it for a day, one young scholar by the name of JJ said: “I’d sell it to Cash4Gold.”

JJ may have just been giving a silly answer. Maybe he was displaying a keen business sense and expressing a desire to capitalize financially on a unique situation. Perhaps he knew that Cash4Gold estimated the Stanley Cup’s melt value at around $7,500 earlier this year.

The lesson that we draw from this is that even fourth graders know that Cash4Gold offers a quick, easy, secure and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed service.

However, we must remind the public that all Cash4Gold customers must be age 21 or older and the lawful owners of the goods with absolute authority to sell the goods that are the subject of their transaction with Cash4Gold.

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