Thursday, October 30, 2008

Colorado Gold Mine Operating Under Assumption that Cash For Gold to Further Increase

The AFP reported this week about the Cash Mine in Boulder, a small gold mine in Colorado that had seen encouraging profits with the rise in price of the precious metal, but is now waiting out its future, hoping that the gold prices

The Cash Mine Located in the Rocky Mountains, 35 miles northwest of Denver where the Colorado gold rush initially began in the 1800s. The mine is the only active underground mine in Colorado. The mine reopened last year for the first time in four decades as a result of the high gold prices that were encouraging.

At its high, the mine was producing 580 tons of gold ore a month, with a net profit of $16,000 per month. The mine uses little modern equipment – but, mostly that from the 1950s and 1960s.

However, because of the credit crisis and the fact that the mine is a small business, the outlook for the business has been dimmer than it was last year at this time. The mine has laid off twenty-four of its thirty workers as the mine works to break even due to the expense of mining operations. The mine has stated, that right now they are planning to “pull back and await better financial conditions to ramp up to full production”. The mine hopes that investors looking to physically hold gold bullion will again spur the international gold market prices.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gold Sales Up in India: Cash for Gold

The Times of India reported this week that gold sales in the country are up, amid the high premium spot prices of gold.

The Indian Dawali season is coming up, and it is customary for Hindu Indians to buy the precious metal of gold. Fortunately for Indians, gold prices have declined prior to the beginning of the festive season. The World Gold Council has claimed that 50 tons of gold were sold in the last 20 days in the country.

Gold has been weaker in the international market for a variety of factors.
Many financial institutions are selling gold holdings to gain liquidity in the credit crisis. This has worked out well for Indian consumers, as the precious metal is less expensive at home. As of last Friday, gold rates were down to $699 an ounce before rebounding slightly at $732.

Demand has been so significant in India that many are charging above premiums in order to defend their supply, as Diwali has made supply an issue. The middle class buyer is driving the market because many that normally would not buy gold are buying more this year due to lower pricing.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Buy or Sell Gold?

The Washington Post this week published an article asking “Is Gold Right For You?”, by Bob Frick. The article highlights benefits of gold as a hedge against inflation, due to the fact that it has a calming effect in a frazzled economic situation. However, the article does question the validity of the reasoning….

Reason #1 –
Gold can have beneficial effects on a total investment program. Gold brings diversity to a portfolio as gold tends to rise as stocks and bonds have fallen. Gold also keeps up with inflation. However, many advisors complain that there are other investments with better returns than gold. Many advisers recommend no more than 5% of a portfolio in gold.

Reason #2 –
The price of gold will continue to rise substantially. However, investors warn against taking this too seriously. Gold dealers suggest that gold will continue to rise as inflation continues, but the bottom line is that no one can completely predict the path of gold.

Reason #3 –
Gold will offer protection in the event of Financial Collapse. In this scenario, gold coins would rise substantially. Most analysts and investors claim that this scenario is highly unlikely.

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Those wishing to buy gold can buy through ETF (electronically-traded funds) such as SPDR, Comex Gold Trust, or Street Tracks Gold Trust.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gold to Go Down and Back UP - Get Cash4Gold

It was reported last week that gold prices have climbed in New York.

According to Bloomberg, last week gold climbed as other equities tanked internationally. Even though the precious metal silver has fallen, gold is still being sought as a safe-haven with the financial crisis.

U.S. Treasuries were up due to investors flocking to government securities due to the worldwide fallout from the market.

Even though gold has experienced a 17% drop in October, the largest drop since March of 1980, both gold and silver are being predicted as “bearish” by analysts internationally. Silver prices fell 2.2% to $9.295 an ounce last week. Additionally, the euro, last week reached a 2-year low of $1.2497. This is following the record-high of $1.6038 July 15th. As a result, gold is expected to do well as global demand has been reduced on most commodities and raw materials. The majority of global gold refiners are operating at full capacity.

Analysts warn investors to be patient with gold investments. It is predicted that gold may trade down to $600 an ounce before increasing in order to adjust for the value of the dollar.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Selling Gold Profitable Means For Cash

CNN reported this week about how jewelers are profiting from customers selling gold….

Citing All That Glitters Jewelry and Loans in Portland, Oregon where people are more than willing to sell their heirlooms and gold for cash.
The shop owner has said that at one point in time, people were far more unwilling to part with their belongings. Now, customers are hocking their old gold and jewelry to pay their bills.

Many Americans are willing to sell gold to survive in the struggling economy. As a result, online sites, like Cash4Gold are booming. Cash4Gold is paying top dollar as gold prices increase amidst the global credit crisis.

Due to the economic situation, precious metal values are encouraging. Most jewelers buying gold have seen business up by 25%

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gold Demand Encourages Consumers to Sell Gold

The modern-day gold rush has extended to Austria….

As the financial crisis has extended globally, gold coins have become a safe haven for investments as a hedge against inflation.  South African Krugerrands, American Buffalos, and American Gold Eagles have been purchased in vast quantities as of late forcing most mints to work at capacity in order to fulfill demand.

Interest in Austrian gold has risen as well.  The Austrian Vienna Philharmonic is another of the world’s best-selling gold bullion coins.  The demand for the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins has resulted in the Austrian Mint trying to keep up with demand, as production is at capacity.

The Austrian Mint is located in Vienna and was founded more than 800 years ago.  Demand for the Vienna Philharmonic is up 230% this year versus last year at this time.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gold Prospectors Continue to Get Cash For Gold Findings

More reports came this week about the “new gold rush” that is taking place in California.

The state is experiencing the largest gold mining boom in more than three decades. As gold prices have more than doubled in the last decade, many are arriving in California to prospect - from locals to those relocating to the area - living in vans and bringing pets and families.

Of all of these modern-day 49ers, few get rich. Much of the gold was extracted during the initial gold rush, however it is reported that fresh gold has rinsed down the hills. As a result, the justification of gold prospecting is still there…Many find gold prospecting to be a kind of adrenaline rush although it is both tedious and physically taxing.

Regardless of the risks associated with gold prospecting, membership of the Gold Prospectors Association of America has seen a 25% climb in membership. Equipment shops have experienced surges in business as well, with modern-day 49ers buying picks and shovels, wetsuits, and generators. 2,000 new mining claims were filed in California this year, up more than 25% from this time last year.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Gold Demand Up - Get Cash4Gold

Another sign that the demand for gold is reaching further international highs….

The India Post, the largest network in the country, has begun retailing gold coins. The company is selling 24-karat gold coins in denominations of ½ gram, 1 gram, 5 grams, and 8 gram units.

The India Post joins many banks and post offices that are now selling gold coins, in addition to jewelers of the past. In a move that is sure to secure profits for both buying and selling gold as India’s Diwali season approaches.

Traditionally, the gold coins sold by banks are priced 22% higher than the current market price of gold. The India Post will be priced higher than current market prices, but not as high as 22%. Additionally, India Post will allow for the buying and selling of gold, where banks only sell gold.

The coins for India Post will be supplied by Reliance Money – and will receive the same pricing as Reliance Money outlets.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


According to Forbes, Merrill Lynch analyst Francisco Blanch is predicting gold at $1500 an ounce.

Citing inflation pressures as a result of the financial bailout, gold ETFs (electronically-traded funds) like SPDR are expected to soar.  Many analysts believe that gold, while experiencing significant swells in pricing, has not yet made its move.

According to Bianch, “gold has shown flashes of running but has not broken out.  The obvious trade on paper is not so obvious to the market tape at this point.”

The global plans in place to stabilize the financial sector have not seen the worse yet.  Merrill Lynch’s opinion on gold is that it will soar due to “inflationary pressures to the commodity markets”.  Additionally, oil is predicted to reach $150 a barrel.  The senior analyst at USAGOLD, Peter Grant, is predicting that the “debasement” of all currencies will additionally drive gold prices.

Although these predictions are gaining attention, there is no timeline posted on the predictions.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cash4Gold News: Clients Give Two Thumbs Up to Cash4Gold

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- Cash4Gold, the number one consumer gold purchaser in the USA, has released the findings from a month long survey on their customer service department. Cash4Gold's clientele are thrilled with their service and guarantee offered by Cash4Gold. The company has been steadily building their customer service department to handle the thousands of Gold Refiners Packs sent in each week.
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Cash4Gold: World’s Largest Gold Party

There has been even more news this week about the rising popularity of gold parties.  The new gold parties serve more of the wine and cheese crowd, versus that of the typical pawnshop.

Are you looking to host a gold party?  If so, you will need a jeweler’s magnifying loupe that is able to test the authenticity of real gold, and you will need to be able to determine what quality….However, you would be surprised at the vast amounts of gold are held by friends and neighbors, including gold coins, old gold jewelry that is no longer in fashion, and even dentures….

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gold Production Up - Good Time to Sell...

Bloomberg announced last week that The Perth Mint is increasing production at its facility in Australia.

The Perth Mint produces 10% of the world’s gold bullion and has doubled its output over the last 6 months. As investors flock to buy gold as a safe haven amid the current worldwide credit crisis the U.S. and Austrian Mints have increased production as well.

The Perth Mint sells Kangaroo and Nugget coins, and the Mint has produced over 154,000 ounces in the last 12 months, which is roughly double the production last year.

Gold is currently one of the brightest commodities, reflecting that people do not trust the financial marketplace right now. The overseas demand is up 90% for the Perth Mint, which has sold $880 million more in gold than this time last year.

The Perth Mint was founded in 1899 as a branch of Britain’s Royal Mint and is run by the Western Australian government.

Gold refiners worldwide are expecting mass-market appeal for gold as the economy heads toward a recession…..

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Selling Gold at Highs: Mine Reopens

Bloomberg has reported that Harmony Gold has resumed work at Parts of the Elandsrand Mine following an accident that had taken place October 2nd that shut down the mine’s gold production.

Harmony Gold Mining Co is Africa’s third-largest gold producer in South Africa and the fifth largest gold producer in the world. The company, which is Incorporated in South Africa, has operations in South Africa, Australia, and Papua New Guinea

Harmony Gold was founded and incorporated on August 25, 1950 through Rand Mines and was originally a single, lease-bound mining operation that was connected to Randgold. In 1997, Harmony Gold was listed independently on the JSE Limited. Harmony Gold is now an independent gold producer from Randgold.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nevada Gold Mining Up With Prices

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that the state of Nevada is cashing in on all-time high gold prices. As investors are flocking to gold and the economy remains uncertain, Nevada is seeing soaring profits.

The number two export industry for the state of Nevada is gold mining. Since 2002, the industry has surged with prices soaring far beyond the $300 an ounce price at the time. The taxes paid by the mining industry to the state of Nevada have also soared -- to almost $200 million a year, which is very nearly double from 2004.

Facts about Nevada Gold Mining include:

  • Nevada gold mining creates more export dollars than any other business sector, excluding casinos.
  • Nevada Division of Minerals reports that the value of mineral production is worth $5.4 billion.
  • Nevada is the fourth largest producer of gold in the world.
  • Nevada mining employment accounts for almost 15,000 jobs in the state. The average salary is around $80,000.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stable Gold Encourages Selling

The Financial Times of London ran an article last week giving further signs of the stability of gold.

Apparently, International investors in gold have been requesting “unprecedented physical levels” of both gold coins and gold bullion bars as the instability of the economic situation looms over the world.

LBMA claims that the move has been initiated by the rich, and continues as the economic turbulence experience in the United States flows across international boundaries to Europe. According to the LBMA, gold cannot be produced quickly enough due to the fact that it is considered to be low risk and a hedge against inflation. The Austrian Mint, the United States Mint and Rand Refinery are all currently running at full capacity, and have announced shortages of coins on specific occasions.

Gold remains desirable due to the fact that it is a physical asset. Recently, gold has soared, however there are investment analysts that suggest that the demand could also result in a price cap.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Host a Gold Party: Sell Your Gold

Hank Steuver of The Washington Post published an article this week about the growing trend surrounding gold parties.

Gold parties have taken on a new tone in the turbulent economic conditions today. Much like the Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties of the past, gold parties have enabled regular customers to turn their old or broken jewelry into cash on the spot.

While the new parties are serving wine, martinins and appetizers, potential customers are bringing gold coins, gold chains, dentures, watches and bracelets. Whether out-of-fashion or an item that has lost emotional appeal, the parties are attracting men and women alike.

The article’s sources claim “everyone has a little gold they don’t know what to do with”, from wedding bands of bad marriages or “door-knocker” earrings that are no longer in style. The gold parties result in a check for the average person of about $300.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Wachovia Sells to Gold-Backed Wells Fargo

This week, Wells Fargo surprised the investment community with news that it planned to purchase Charlotte-based Wachovia for $15.1 billion.

Wells Fargo & Co is a San Francisco-based financial institution that began as a result of the West Coast gold rush. Founded in 1852, the bank opened in the port city of San Francisco as additional cities and gold mining camps developed during the Gold Rush. The company started solidly by buying gold and selling paper that was backed by gold. Additionally, the bank guaranteed rapid delivery of the gold and valuables by a six-horse stagecoach that remains the corporate logo today. The bank had significant assets in both railroads and steel with expansion into the northeast.

Today, the company is a leading U.S. lender. The company practices extremely conservative lending practices that make the bank one of the strongest in the U.S. The company did not get wrapped up in the sub-prime mortgage market that has affected the majority of U.S. banking institutions.

The Wells Fargo purchase marks entry into the southeastern U.S. market. The buyout will add to Wells’ 5900 locations, 160,000 employees and $600 billion in assets.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sell Gold....Banks Buying?

An article on Monday in Reuters indicated that the private banks will be the next big buyers of gold, and the price will continue to increase.

Bullion bars have gained a significant amount of popularity. Bullion bars, that have been sold off during stronger economic times are now being sought-after by banks. The Chairman of the London Bullion Market Association has predicted that fewer banks will be selling off gold reserves until the market stabilizes.

Owning gold again has become a trend – in jewelry, collectible coins, and bullion bars. The bullion bars and many gold bullion coins were sold off during the 1980s and 90s, while the international economy was in a better situation. Gold as a hedge against inflation has made the metal appealing once-again during the financial crisis.

In related notes, the U.S. mint has suspended sales of the 24 karat American Buffalo, as supplies have been depleted. This latest shortage follows the suspension of the American Eagle earlier this year.

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Sell Old Gold, But Buy as an Investment....

This week, ABC News in LA featured the Superior Gold Group and the importance of gold as an investment.

ABC cited Superior Gold Group’s senior trader and Financial Lifeline Radio host, Carl Lacey, who stated that physical gold is “the missing link in most portfolios today”. With gold at all-time high rates, the economy looking incredibly unstable, and spending at record highs – gold is the only consistent.

Superior Gold Group is a precious metals company that educates clients on both the gold standard and portfolio diversification. Both Carl Lacey and John March, his co-host on Financial Lifeline Radio are consistent about gold futures. As stocks and mutual funds remain uncertain, both advise that gold is “portfolio insurance”.

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