Friday, October 24, 2008

Selling Gold Profitable Means For Cash

CNN reported this week about how jewelers are profiting from customers selling gold….

Citing All That Glitters Jewelry and Loans in Portland, Oregon where people are more than willing to sell their heirlooms and gold for cash.
The shop owner has said that at one point in time, people were far more unwilling to part with their belongings. Now, customers are hocking their old gold and jewelry to pay their bills.

Many Americans are willing to sell gold to survive in the struggling economy. As a result, online sites, like Cash4Gold are booming. Cash4Gold is paying top dollar as gold prices increase amidst the global credit crisis.

Due to the economic situation, precious metal values are encouraging. Most jewelers buying gold have seen business up by 25%

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  1. What steps does Cash4Gold take to prevent burglary? I mean, it used to be inconvenient to unload hot merchandise on the street. If you went to a pawn shop, you got pennies on the dollar, a merchant who could identify you, and then city police window shopping while walking the beat and looking for stolen goods. Now with Cash4Gold, we can break into your grandma's house at 2:00 in the morning, clean out her jewelry box at 2:01. Drop the loot into the mailbox at 2:07. Get paid full value by lunch time. And then the evidence is melted before sundown. Thanks, Cash4Gold!