Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gold Prospectors Continue to Get Cash For Gold Findings

More reports came this week about the “new gold rush” that is taking place in California.

The state is experiencing the largest gold mining boom in more than three decades. As gold prices have more than doubled in the last decade, many are arriving in California to prospect - from locals to those relocating to the area - living in vans and bringing pets and families.

Of all of these modern-day 49ers, few get rich. Much of the gold was extracted during the initial gold rush, however it is reported that fresh gold has rinsed down the hills. As a result, the justification of gold prospecting is still there…Many find gold prospecting to be a kind of adrenaline rush although it is both tedious and physically taxing.

Regardless of the risks associated with gold prospecting, membership of the Gold Prospectors Association of America has seen a 25% climb in membership. Equipment shops have experienced surges in business as well, with modern-day 49ers buying picks and shovels, wetsuits, and generators. 2,000 new mining claims were filed in California this year, up more than 25% from this time last year.

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