Friday, October 30, 2009

Cash4Gold Intrigued by Pamela Anderson’s Precious Metal Flooring

Cash4Gold always has its eye on the gold markets and also tracks precious metals-related news from all across the world. The gold item that caught our attention this week was a highly unusual one involving bombshell Pamela Anderson.

Anderson’s platinum hair and famous physique were actually not what caught our eye (well, ok, maybe we did notice a little bit…) Instead, it was the recent revelation that she was having actual gold tiles installed around the swimming pool of her Malibu home and had platinum flooring in the house as well.

“I’m tiling the floor with platinum, that’s expensive,” Anderson is quoted as telling journalists.

Should Anderson so desire, Cash4Gold would be happy to purchase the gold and platinum tiles from her home. All she would need to do is request a pre-insured, pre-paid envelope from Cash4Gold to get the process started.

For thousands of other Americans all across the country, including many who might now have flooring adorned with precious metals, Cash4Gold is pleased to offer a service that is fast, safe, reliable and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

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