Friday, October 23, 2009

Gold Story of the Week: Nashville Police Department to Auction Seized Grill

As a top player in the precious metals industry, Cash4Gold always has its eye on interesting gold-related news across the U.S. and abroad. The story of the week comes from The Smoking Gun and covers the Nashville Police Department and an interesting auction.

The department recently confiscated a “set of custom made teeth grills” made of 10 karat yellow gold. The gold grill also includes six topaz stones and two citrine stones, and has an appraised retail value of $349. In a funny turn of events, the Nashville PD decided to put the grills up for auction with proceeds benefitting the Police State Drug Fund. Here’s to the department raising money for a good cause.

On a more personal note, if something like this were to arrive at Cash4Gold’s state-of-the-art processing facility, the company’s trained testers would immediately implement security escalation procedures and bring the out of the ordinary item to the attention of supervisors for further review. Earlier in 2009, Cash4Gold received a missing AFC Championship ring that the company was able to reunite with its owner, former Pittsburgh Steelers lineman Brenden Stai.

At Cash4Gold we frequently receive interesting items, including a one-pound gold pig, and we regularly receive dental gold. A grill like the one up for auction in Nashville has never been sent in to the company.

We are extremely proud to work with law enforcement here at home and around the country on an ongoing basis, and have received numerous commendations thanking us for our efforts.

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