Monday, October 19, 2009

Cash4Gold Attracts Over 1,600 British Suggestions for Future UK Commercial

Cash4Gold, which began operating in the UK in July, has received more than 1,600 responses to its request for input from the British public. Via an informal video of MC Hammer on its UK website, the company has been asking for recommendations for the right celebrity to star alongside MC Hammer in a future Cash4Gold TV advertisement.

Cash4Gold had the idea for the competition after asking: “Who better to identify the celebrity who can best connect with the British consumers than the British consumers themselves?”

A wide range of suggestions have already come in from all across Britain. One winner, chosen at random from among those who recommend the celebrity that ends up being Cash4Gold’s UK pitchman, will join MC Hammer and the UK celebrity for tea.
The contest is slated to run through November 15.

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