Monday, December 1, 2008

New Gold Rush Works Worth Cash

The Mercury News reported this week that a new collection of artwork with significant, American historical value has emerged.

The artwork of Charles B. Gillespie, a 49er, has been uncovered through a distant relative of Gillespie. Gillespie, an untrained artist that never sold a work in his lifetime, painted a number of sketches and oil paintings that were representative of the California Gold Rush. The collection includes over 119 pen and ink sketches and five oil paintings. Many of the pieces portray the 1848 discovery of gold by James Marshall at Sutter’s Mill, which launched the Gold Rush. Gillespie met James Marshall while sketching. One of the initial sketches bears the signature of Marshall.

Gillespie died in 1907 after working as a physician. The President of Holabird Kagin Americana, Fred Holabird, claims that Gillespie’s artwork is “one of the most important Gold Rush archives to surface in the last 100 years”. The number of pieces in the collection is significant and its worth is estimated at over half a million dollars.

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