Monday, May 3, 2010

Cash4Gold Attends American Red Cross South Florida Region Gala

Cash4Gold was proud to attend the recent Red Cross dinner billed as a Salute to the Troops and Humanitarian of the Year.

Cash4Gold was among a handful of local companies whose contributions made the event possible. Cash4Gold’s “Thank a Veteran” sponsorship enabled three members of the U.S. military and their wives to join the four Cash4Gold team members who attended.

Seated all together at a table underwritten by Cash4Gold, the team members conveyed their deep appreciation to the soldiers and their wives for their service and commitment to this country.

Cash4Gold has been a staunch supporter of both the Red Cross and the U.S. armed forces, donating at various times during the past years in order to support the tremendous humanitarian work that they each carry out, often in partnership together.

Visit to learn more about Cash4Gold’s commitment to charitable giving.

Below is a photo from the event (Cash4Gold team members joined by soldiers and their wives).

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