Thursday, September 29, 2011

Indulge in the Ultimate Muffin for $16

Reports surfaced that the government officials attending a past Justice Department conference bought $16 muffins, however the hotel that hosted the convention—Hilton Worldwide denied that was the case. The hotel said that the $16 covered an entire meal person, muffin, drinks, and tip. However—what if that wasn’t the case? A muffin is usually about a dollar when baked with fresh ingredients. So what could compensate for the additional $15 per muffin?

Even with all the organic and high end ingredients, the cost was still not anywhere near $16 a piece. So did some research on what would take them up in value. Apparently, to kick up the net worth of a muffin you need two decadent ingredients: alcohol and gold. At $192/dozen, the gold-topped muffins would each cost $16.

What do you think is more luxurious—to eat muffins that near $20/each, or to eat leaves of gold? The site even includes a recipe so those looking to adorn their food with gold jewelry can make them at home.

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