Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marble House, The Ultimate Birthday Present

Gold often makes a popular and well spirited gift for family and friend’s birthday occasions. And in the late 1800’s Alva Erskine Smith, received gold for her 39th birthday present in the form of a currently worth $260,000,000 home with a room of gold.

The home, elegantly named “Marble House” for its $7 million dollar marble layout that spans over 500,000 cubic feet, was built for William Kissam Vanderbilt, the grandson of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. The Marble Home has been legendary since its creation when it served as a social landmark in the 1800s, then helped transform the small town of Newport into the famous resort of stone palaces it is now. The Marble House was designated in 1971 as a National Historic Landmark.

The Gold Room:

The Marble House contains a room filled with gold walls, doors, furniture, and even chandeliers. The value of the room is currently unknown but it is widely agreed upon that the room alone should commonly fall under the 7 digit price range. Every year, over 160,000 visitors come to the Gold Room to view its majestic walls and furnishings, and say that the room contains “a king’s ransom in gold.”

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