Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gold Fabrics

We’ve all seen gold attached to clothing before, sometimes real, sometimes fake. But never before has gold been so essentially integrated into clothing that it becomes difficult to distinguish metal from fabric…until now:

The 2011 International Year of Chemistry was launched in honor of the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie. The festivities of the 2011 ceremony were celebrated this week in a very extravagant way. A Merino Gold fashion show was held in celebration of the event, introducing a new style of fabric never before seen. The Merino Gold wool uses nanotechnology to embed gold into the very fabric of the clothing itself, creating a brand new, unique and luxurious fabric for clothing.

And with this newest invention of impressive skill and creativity, another tally goes up on the board of resourceful applications for gold.

Merino Gold design by Kerry Wong, Modeled by Doctor John Watt, a famous local New Zealand scientist specializing in the nanotechnology used to create the Marino Gold Wool.

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