Monday, April 18, 2011

Gold Value Record High

Economies and cash have been declining in recent times all over the world. From debt crisis’s to miss managing money, several of the world’s top economic countries are having trouble keeping their finances in check. All this however has a significantly different impact on the value of gold. The value of gold has continued to increase during these economically drastic times, and as of today the value of gold has now reached a new record high of $1,489.10 an ounce. As speculation on the future of cash and monies from different parts of the globe start to change, the value of the most purest form of currency, gold, still holds its value.

From Bloomberg:

“Gold rose to a record in New York on speculation that the sovereign-debt crisis in Europe will worsen, boosting the appeal of the precious metal as an alternative to currencies. Silver touched a 31-year high.

Gold reached an all-time high of $1,489.10 an ounce after Moody’s cut Ireland’s credit rating by two levels to the lowest investment grade, eroding the value of the euro. The dollar, while up today, is headed for a third straight weekly decline against a basket of currencies as the U.S. Congress debates measures to reduce a record government deficit.”

So what does the rise in gold prices mean for the average citizen with gold? The increasing value of gold signifies that all gold has lasting value, and gold can always be used to get finances back on track. Visit to find out how you can turn your scrap or unwanted/unused gold and jewelry into real cash now and take advantage of gold’s highest value yet.

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