Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Facts

The gold that is universally known and loved has been around for centuries. And over time, a lot of fun facts have come to light on the composition, history, and usage of the world’s most valued metal. Here are some fun facts about gold:

1. The Gold Leaf…Gold as food!?- The Gold Leaf is a flake or dust of gold that is used on and in some gourmet foods most notably in sweets and drinks as an extreme decorative ingredient. These Gold Flakes were used by nobles in Medieval Europe as a decoration in food and drinks to show their wealth.

2. The Gold Liquor- There is a traditional German herbal liqueur called “Danziger Goldwasser” that contains Gold Leaf. It is still made and sold today.

3. The Earliest known Map- the earliest known map to have ever been discovered is called the “Turin Papyrus Map” and dates to around 1160 BC. This map shows the plans of a gold mine.

In ancient Egypt, it was said by king Tushratta that gold was “more plentiful than dirt”.

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  1. I love Goldwasser! They sell it in Germany and it takes like licorice ;) yum yum