Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gold ATM

The first ATM machine was made and installed in the late 1960s. In the past 50 years, there have been many changes in finance, products, and economy, that have led to ATMs becoming more powerful, even creating and accepting deposits from all over the world. But now, a company called GOLD To Go is bent on bringing the ATM back to its most bare of services. GOLD to Go has been developing and installing Gold to Go machines, or as they are popularly known: “The Gold ATM”.

Image of GOLD to Go machine in Boca Raton Mall in Florida.
Via Palm Beach Post (

The Gold ATM accepts both cash and card payments, and even provides change. After payment is accepted, you receive your gold in a GOLD to Go box, along with a receipt for your purchase.
Is having a machine of this caliber a good idea? The Gold ATM dispenses a minimum of a 1 ounce gold bars. The price of gold sometimes reaches up to a thousand dollars and up per ounce. The more serious and heavier bars would run into the 20,000+ mark. How many would you seriously trust a gold-style vending machine with as much money as the price of a vehicle? Do you think the Gold ATM is just another bad idea…or is it the world’s next spending trend?

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  1. I think its definitely going to be world's next spending trend. Especially with the facility like accepting both cash and card payments, people will go on shopping spree. :)