Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toi Gold Mine

It is important to know where gold comes from and the sacrafices that history has made for us in order to obtain this precious mineral. The Toi Gold Mine in Japan, was a mine that made signinficiant discoveries in gold and precious minerals. The Toi Gold mine was the second most productive gold mine in Japan, and it produced a grand total of 40 tons of gold in addition to 400 tons of silver.

Mining at Toi was said to have begun around 1370. Along with the Toi mine, 60 other mines dominated the Tokugawa region, however the Toi mine was consistently one of the most successful. The mine was closed in 1965 but has since been reopened as a museum and popular tourist attraction.

The largest manufactured gold bar is hosted in the Toi Mine Museum.

The Bar weighs in 250 kg (about 550 pounds) and represents a value of 7 million dollars.


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