Monday, August 4, 2008

Gold Used As Commodity in Crisis Situation

This week, we saw an extreme situation where Clark Rockefeller, a Boston man, kidnapped his 7-year old daughter, Reigh, and attempted to flee the country. In his pursuit of international borders, Rockefeller bought 300 American Eagle gold coins last month – a $300,000 value and with weight of over 19 pounds in gold.

Rockefeller bought the coins in the name of Clark Rock at Boston Bullion. The owner of the shop where Rock bought the coins stated that the value of the coins existed in that they could be used anywhere in the world due to the immediate cash out value and ability to sell the gold anywhere.

Evidently, Rockefeller has had a history of buying other items with traded gold in the past, including a sailboat. Rockefeller has since been apprehended by the Boston Police and is being held without bail in the kidnapping.

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