Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going For Gold...

We’re on board.  We’re putting our money on Michael Phelps in Beijing.

Phelps has now won a career total of nine summer Games gold medals, putting him in the same category as Carl Lewis.  He is moving forward to break Mark Sptiz’s record of seven gold medals at a single Olympics.  The 23-year old has sparked the US swimming gold rush.

According to teammate Aaron Peirsol, "The way he (Phelps) is attacking this meet - he isn't just winning he is destroying world records on the way."

Phelps has made even his opponents sing his praises.  Park Tae-Hwan, the South Korean silver medalist to Phelps, claimed “Phelps swam so fast.  It’s my honor to compete with him”.

The eight gold medal quest continues.  Check back with us--we'll be waiting to see if he becomes the king of the gold.

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