Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Global Heritage Fund Developing an International Gold Standard

This week, the Palo Alto Times reported on the Global Heritage Fund’s presence and work in Pingyao China.

Jeff Morgan, who is founder of the Global Heritage Fund (in Palo Alto) carried the Olympic torch through the Shanxi province of China and was the only foreigner to do so.  Morgan was chosen because of his efforts through the Global Heritage Fund to preserve and restore the city of Pingyao, an ancient city once at the center of Chinese banking – about 400 miles outside of Beijing – 5 centuries old and a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Morgan continues his efforts in rebuilding cities around the world.  There are 40 other cities that are planned for the next ten years.  Morgan cites that, in some areas, people are quick to sell out and ruin their areas – literally having gold mines in their back yards and being quick to sell without maintaining the beauty and history of the area.

The Global Heritage Fund finds Third World countries that can preserve historical and local aspects in order to improve their economic state with properly managed tourism.

What do you think?  Preserve beauty, or cash in? 

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