Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gold – Spiritual Meanings Increase Value?

A French site, corsavoo.com, posted an article this week on its website entitled “Spiritual Meaning of Gold Jewelry” that highlights alternative benefits from gold. Jewelry – an important accessory – can say much about the person wearing it, but is there further significance? Corsavoo says yes.

The article cites jewelry designer, David Weitzman, a spiritual gold jewelry designer since 1998. Weitzman uses mathematics and sacred shapes such as the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life in his designs. He also incorporates oriental cultures, which are believed to be powerful and rewarding. Weitzman’s jewelry links in to these beliefs.
Weitzman takes symbols from different cultures and incorporates them in his designs and then further energizes them through meditation so that the jewelry obtains properties of self-balance and healing. These traits add to the uniqueness and sacredness of his gold pieces. Gold is universally linked to the sun, due to its color.

Weitzman’s gold jewelry’s spiritual effects are described in further detail at ka-gold-jewelry.com. The word ‘ka’ means the “life force of the human spirit”.

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