Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Gold - What's It Worth?

As the Olympics have ended, many have asked what metals make up the Olympic medals…..

Up until 1912, the Olympic Gold medals were made of solid gold. No longer the case.

The gold, silver and bronze medals are 2.5 inches wide and .12 inches thick.

Since 1912, the gold and silver medals awarded are actually made up of mostly silver. The gold medal is coated with approximately a quarter of an ounce of 24kt gold.

The bronze medal also contains trace amounts of silver, but is composed of mostly copper, zinc and tin.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic medals have an image of Nike, the goddess of victory, on its obverse, and the Beijing Olympic emblem – inlaid with jade - on the reverse.

According to current gold values, the Olympic gold medals have a worth of about $300…….

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