Monday, July 28, 2008 announces as Premier Choice on Internet

Last week, published an article titled “The choice is pretty clear: Goldkit vs. Cash4Gold”.  The article reported that Cash4Gold was the premier and clear-cut choice when it comes to Internet trading of gold.

Among the highlights in the article

The most common question asked with Internet gold buyers is: “What is the price you will pay for my gold?”  GoldKit requires an evaluation that requires more consumer and company interaction.  Cash4Gold, on the other hand, has daily updates on their website at that list payout prices as not to deceive current and potential customers.  The major determining factors are (1) weight and (2) purity.  Cash4Gold’s most recent chart for gold, platinum and silver is as follows:

 Material                   10 - 50 oz                   50 - 100 oz

        8K                       $12.03(dwt)                      $12.68(dwt)

        10K                     $13.43(dwt)                      $14.03(dwt)

        12K                     $15.01(dwt)                      $16.44(dwt)

        14K                     $16.59(dwt)                      $18.85(dwt)

        18K                     $22.02(dwt)                      $24.87(dwt)

        22K                     $28.72(dwt)                      $29.30(dwt)

        24K                     $31.27(dwt)                      $33.00(dwt)

        PLATINUM           $48.36(dwt)                       $51.06(dwt)

        Jewelry (Plat.)      $43.53(dwt)                       $45.94(dwt)

        STERLING            $8.40ozt                            $9.60ozt

        .999 SILVER         $9.20ozt                            $12.60ozt

In addition, the positive Cash4Gold commentary from both users of the service and readers of the article included: 

“So they’re not world-shattering prices, but I think I’d recommend the known quantity, thank-you-very-much.  ‘K, bye, GoldKit!”

“Unless GoldKit publishes their prices somewhere, or quotes them over the phone.  I hate send-to-us-for-our-best-offer on commodities.  It’s not like they’re evaluating condition and grade.  They should be able to list their melt prices.

“I have used both Cash4Gold pays about 15% higher than gold kit.”

“Ooh, awesome!  Personal experience!  Thanks, Jesse!  Assuming your tale is on the level — and there is no reason to think it isn’t — you may have just put cash in my wallet.  Thanks!”

Check out the entire article HERE


  1. That "Oohn, nice comment was mine. I was thanking the poster.

    It may interest you that I did use Cash For Gold due to the poster's recommendation.


    Joshua McGee

  2. Since Cash4Gold no longer lists daily payout prices on their website, how can I find out how much to insure my material for before I send it?