Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If this comes true you will be glad you own Gold and Silver!

Read on to see why you should be happy you own gold and silver. "Sovereign wealth funds," are dumping the dollar. In particular one big fund in the Persian Gulf has cut its dollar-denominated holdings by more than 20% in the last year.

China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange [SAFE] is working  with European private-equity funds to diversify away from the dollar.

Foreigners also hold roughly $1.5 trillion in Fannie (FNM) and Freddie (FRE) AAA-rated debt. As Fannie and Freddie Mac come apart at the seams, Merrill Lynch has warned that the U.S. could possibly face a foreign "financing crisis" within months

Almost everyone knows or has recently discovered that gold and silver are great to own during inflationary periods. How do gold and other precious metals compare to Google? Google has raised the price of its online advertising 19% in the past year and the industries paying the highest prices for this are the worst performing: mortgages and retail. Google raised mortgage-company advertising rates 35% and retail rates 9.3%. Bloomberg expects Google shares to rise 25%.

All of this has gotten my attention, and I would be rushing to accumulate gold and silver if I hadn't done so already.  Any corrections that might occur in the gold and silver markets this summer is another chance to buy the exchange-traded funds for gold and silver

"Russian and Saudi Arabian oil production have peaked – leaving the world with no way to meet our rapidly growing demand for energy. Oil prices must surpass $240 a barrel in the next few years in order to avoid severe shortages. Commodity prices, already at record highs, are poised to make their greatest gains in history over the next five years
Inflation will climb as high as 25%-30% annually, destroying the value of most people's savings and crushing their retirement dreams. 95% of Americans will experience a lower standard of living within the next 10 years," asserts Stephen Leeb of The Complete Investor

Dr. Leeb has a lot of credibility and his research team works hard to be accurate. If they are correct or anywhere close to correct, gold and silver prices are going to soar. The same is true for copper and most likely platinum and paladium. Precious metals tend to do very well when energy and commodity prices are "already at record highs, [and] are poised to make their greatest gains in history over the next five years"

Right now gold seems high at around $957 and silver also seems high at over $18 an ounce. But there are bus loads of seasoned analysts and respected precious metals "bugs" who are saying gold could go to $3,000 and silver might go over $50 an ounce

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