Friday, July 11, 2008

Gold likely to see short term pressure

Gold's stability has been rocked sending it on a roller coaster ride last week. Gold hit the $1,000-an-ounce mark, before running out of momentum and closing lower than the previous week. Gold closed at $955.40 an ounce down from last week’s $960.60. The technical indicators look to $955 as a crucial support and it will be an important feature to watch out as the market opens for the week on Monday. The emerging pictures for support of gold are not encouraging and everything but politics are cooling down in that region of the world.

Although the tension in Western Asia has now eased, geo-political fears were the ones to first drive gold up. Crude, which has been held accountable for the current bull run in gold has dropped off. This was based on the growing fears of declining economic growth in the US which would translate to a decrease in demand for crude products. As crude declined, fears of inflation receded and in turn, gold came under pressure. The Friday results from Citigroup not only propped up the dollar but also allowed that the financial crisis being felt across the globe was under control. JP Morgan will be releasing results this week to intense scrutiny. Their results can possibly further dictate how the dollar will fare and in turn show gold's future course.

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