Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Gold Android Phone: TAG Heuer LINK Smartphone

Though both Apple and Nokia products have dabbled gold in recent releases such as the ipad and Nokia Oro respectably, a brand new device has just debuted that is giving the Android OS a shot at gold. The new TAG Heuer LINK Smartphone is here, and with it comes 18k gold, alligator skinned, and gorilla glass glory, all surrounding a device that runs Google’s popular Android OS.

There are many luxury phones out there, especially in Russia where the market is prominent. However among the sea of phone choices plated in gold and diamonds, very few of them look as great on the inside as they do on the outside. TAG’s newest LINK device promises to change the game of luxury smart phones by bringing the Android OS to the gold phone. Now, the LINK Smartphone will be among the very few luxury phones with significantly updated operating system, and the first ever luxury Smartphone running Android OS.

The price tag on the TAG Heuer LINK SmartPhone starts at 4700 euros, translating to around $6799 U.S dollars as an entry level, no-customization price floor.

Here is the official Promo Video from TAG Heuer on the new device:

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