Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Man’s Garbage…New Yorker’s Treasure

Photo: Raffi Stepanian, a New kind of Gold Miner

The most recent news story circulating around the press on gold is one about a New York City native, Raffi Stepanian: gold collector in his own right. Though many of the most famous collectors and miners of gold have a long and grueling history of mine work and mountain searching, Raffi is famous for a different approach: street searching.

Raffi Stepanian is a precious metal treasure hunter, searching for (and finding) small bits of diamonds, rubies, platinum, and even gold. While many may think that the streets of New York are paved with mud, debris, and other unsanitary nuisances left to the imagination, Raffi believes in an entirely different perspective."The streets of 47th Street are literally paved with gold," Raffi says. It’s a state of mind that Raffi is putting to work when in just over a period of 6 days Raffi collected enough gold from piles of dirt and filth on the streets to make two sales totaling to $819.

"Material falls off clothes, on the bottom of shoes, it drops off jewelry, and it falls in the dirt and sticks to the gum on the street," Raffi explains.

So what’s the catch to this street-searching gold prospect?

"You just have to get down on your knees and get it," Raffi says.

With the price of gold continuing to increase on almost a daily basis, and predictions for the price of gold to sky rocket up to $2000 an ounce, acquiring gold seems to have no boundaries in today’s market.

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