Thursday, June 16, 2011

Current Price of Gold- 1529.09, Price History

The price of gold today on June 16, 2011, is up to $1529.09 which brings an increase in its price performance of $45.80 dollars or 3.10%. Gold seems to be continuing its positive market trends that have been making headlines in gold and in investment communities for its record breaking performance this year.

But 2011 isn’t the only year gold has done well, and as a matter of fact gold has actually out preformed various other economic investments for many years, and is among the few products that continues to grow with confidence on a yearly basis. Here’s a look at a chart published by highlighting the changes in the price of gold since 1975. You will notice the giant and stable increase of gold since the 2000s, which have now continued to rise well into this year.

With this constant increase in the price of gold, it is safe to say that gold will continue to be a secure and promising way to establish financial security. People in the public sector who own gold jewelry or even scrap gold they no longer want or need, can make a large profit by selling their gold in today’s market. At, leader in the mail-in gold industry, owners of scrap, unwanted, or unused gold can send in their gold and receive real cash.


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