Friday, June 10, 2011

Historic Gold- Oxus Treasure

Up next on Historic Gold is the Oxus Treasure, a group of 170 gold and silver items from the Achaemenid Persian period (500 B.C) that were found by the Oxus River in central Asia. The precious metals from this incredible find are located in both the Victoria and Albert Museum and in the British Museum (where various other pieces of our blog’s “Historic Gold” segments can be found).

How much are these pieces worth? From bracelets to giant fish models of pure gold, think millions…per item. Even the smallest of the gold findings in the Oxus Treasure have become precious and impossible to price. Though the items could be reproduced by current gold holdings, their value is in historic age, which makes them unique.

Here are more photos of the Oxus Treasure:

Photo: Gold Fish statue of pure gold from the Oxus Treasure, by Nickmard Khoey

Photo: Gold Statue from the Oxus Treasure, from the British Musuem

Photo: Lion-Griffin ornament from the Oxus Treasure, British Musuem.

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